Djinn cast to kill us

They keep getting cast towards us and from what I can tell fetish links are involved. Wouldn’t know how breaking any ties would work. We’ve called up both Opfaal and Belial to break all curses involved and they came and every clairvoyant around us keeps saying we don’t have any curse anymore yet they keep coming back.They are powerful being so I have no idea why they’d bother wasting their time with this if they weren’t cast at us in some way. It’s a weird situation

I already tried sending them to you btw it didnt work lol

So they are connected to you DNA?. Fetish links involve directs connections via blood, hair, skin, body fluids, and such.

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From what we uncovered hair and/or nails were involved

I have heard Djinn are created from Fire element. Water is the opposite of Fire. Would ritual baths work.? . In the advanced section, these discuss the 5 elements and how to work with them. It says Water is opposite fire. These show how to use our own mental power to control the elements. Might be able to do something to balance the effects of the Djinn and create more peaceful conditions.

Try finding out what King these djinn answer to, then try making a pact with that King for you and your loved ones protection. Once your protected go on the offense and attack your asshole relatives.
Also have the djinn guide you to where the fetish is being kept and destroy it.


Making a pact with a djinn in general is difficult, not to mention a king. To make things easier I would commune with Asmodeus or Azazel because they are entities that are known to be more inclined to help practitioners without being played in ways to make matters worse.

When it comes to djinn, you have to steadily build relationships with them first before you can effectively work with them and get to their king. Most are not fond or are very untrusting of humanity so it is important to take things slow.

I do have a question. Have you tried communicating with the djinn to see why they are so persistent in sticking around? I’d be careful because they are known for their liking to possess things. By any chance has the person that is sending them to you gift anything prior to all this happening? Djinn are known to possess or be bound to objects so maybe that is why you can’t effectively banish them.


I’d recommend you fast, for two, days then proceed to asmodeus or azazel

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King Paimon, Lord Lucifer, Shaitan, all of them can bend the djinn to your will.

Others have offered ways of fixing your situation.

If you dont use the advice given, your fate is your own.

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Thank you but it’s (almost) been taken care of. Can only say for sure once I have received further confirmation

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