Divining my own way// The Shamans Orcale deck

So a bit of info beforehand, I’ve always had an interest in divination as whole and wanted a tarot deck for the longest time. Before getting my deck I would search for guidance either within through meditation. Or divination on a very minor scale, I had received great guidance by just visualising my issue or question and opening a book that defined tarot cards to a random page, (I called it minor scale for a reason) and found it helpful at time, along with some usage of pendulums, a friend let me borrow.

Fast forwarding to a few months ago, I’m much more progressed on my path (though with still a long way to go) and just after a meditation I had a random desire to go to a bookstore I haven’t been to in a while. To my surprise I came across something I never have before, in the tarot and divination section, I found The Shamans Oracle deck, I never bought a deck before because something felt off when I held the box. Instead of feeling off I was excited and drawn towards it, so I sat with it for a little bit asking if it would like to come home with me. Having felt certain the deck was willing to work with me, I purchased it. Much to my disappointment however, upon opening the box and going over the cards, I felt much more confused than I had been before by the hand style layout, the separation of the cards into classes (dancers, shaman’s, ancestors, hunters, and spirits) and two odd cards ( classless cards called “the companion” and “the journeyer”) all of which were specific to this deck. Feeling defeated I put the set away and set it on my nightstand where it remained for the next few months, as something I had a desire to use, but an inability to.

Fast forward to now, (3-4 months later) after much introspection and meditation, a few concepts have come forth to me through looking within and recognizing signs. Mainly the abstract ideas of Creativity, Trusting my intuition and abilities, and forging my own path. I knew it was regarding something but I didn’t know what. So the last couple of days I have been reaching out spiritually for some guidance, and help to keep myself from falling into this feeling of being lost. So I spent some time with these requests while I meditated, and today I meditated to receive what I felt was no answer, my intuition felt nothing, received no images or insight. Defeated I thanked the universe and opened my eyes, only to find the deck I hadn’t been using, right in front of me, just demanding my focus. So I picked it up and decided to take another crack at it. I opened it up, and looked at the cards and spreads yet again, to still not understand how to even go about laying or shuffling them (do I separate the classes? how important are the elements? If I don’t separate them what if the class ends up in the wrong location?) And then I said F**k the book, I need guidance, my guides are out there I’m capable of this I’ve contacted them before I can do it again.

So I decided since I requested guidance it made sense to spread the cards in what resembled a compass, 4 major directions closer to center and placing the other 4 directions in between the major one’s but farther from center and did a reading that way. Much to my surprise, things seemed much more clear. I finished my reading and gave my thank. After handling the cards more and not paying much mind to the “rules” I found the things that originally had left me confused, now made my task much simpler. The classes had allowed me to get much more meaning from the card, and also gave me options on how I wanted to make my spreads, and specify the information I wanted. The two odd ball cards helped me channel energy into different points, and also allowed me to Garner information as a whole, or specifically for me internally (the journeyer card), or to help me channel my spirit guides better (the companion card) the book only came to use to give me a bit of help in understanding the card specifically. Even now writing this, I have ideas flowing on ways I can use them. I’m excited and so relieved.

I know there are many threads that are for success stories, or that talk about the importance of Creativity. I’ve read those and knew that (in certain cases) the “rules” are unnecessary or even a hindrance. Tarot to me was one of those things that seemed like rules were a must, and being a beginner I was intimidated by it on many levels. I guess I really need to quit doubting myself so much. :sweat_smile:

If this doesn’t belong here lmk, but I’m really excited by this and maybe this can help other beginners get some inspiration for their own methods. Much Love to you guys!