Divining events of other peoples lives without their permission less effective?

I use to do this a lot as a beginner with Cartomancy and Geomancy, but with Cartomancy I noticed that it is not quite as accurate, is this because of a low intuition skill, are they somehow blocking the readings, or perhaps a lack of knowledge about their lives hinder me from interpreting events correctly? Although the accuracy is not SIGNIFICANTLY lower, but I have heard of this happening a lot with others, some even say that it is impossible to divine things about other people without their permission…

All those things are possible. Also, sometimes entities block the readings for various reasons, often to protect us from obsessions and to keep us sane.

That is a superstition, just like any other superstition regarding divination, many of which have a moral background or a commercial background.


Thank you for the response! That’s interesting about the entities, but I assume it’s generally only entities you have a good relationship with? Or perhaps entities guarding the person the reading is about?

Yeah I find it’s a pretty crazy one, as I’ve done it countless of times for practice and interest with mostly success. In traditional Geomancy if the question is something unrelated to you, then you need to rotate the House Chart to them, which throws away the Shield Chart, so there is a disadvantage there but I have not seen something like that in any other system.

That’s interesting. I thought people would intentionally give bad information to cheat clients out of money. I didn’t know you can actually suck at this.

If your spiritual allies care about you, they won’t let you waste your time watching useless people, they will encourage you to do something better with your life. About people being guarded by entities, I’ve known some but Astaroth is great at breaking those barriers.

I know nothing about geomancy.


It’s very possible to divine without permission divination doesn’t care about a person’s permission. If it’s inaccurate it’s either because they aren’t as skilled or the actions of those involved caused things to change.

Are you asking the right questions to get the right answers
Also with cartomancy you are maybe just using the wrong spreads for the task

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Maybe I could help you with some ideas for better spreads PM me if you want with an example of some situation you might want to find out about
I might have a good spread

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