Divining a Name

Wasn’t sure if this should be on the divining forum but didn’t know where else

I need the name of a spirit or other entity that I have made extensive contact with but have not discovered the name of. I need to perform a specific ritual but require the name for it to work.

If anyone could tell me a way of divining it’s name It would be much appreciated -thanks

Not sure how much help this will actually be but if you have made contact before and can recognize the presence then you can always just use a “spirit board”. Fairly easy to come by. Have the entity spell out it’s name.


It’s worth a try thanks

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You’re welcome.

For names, Ouija boards and pendulum spreads are pretty obvious to-gos. Pre-made Ouija boards can get pricey however if you know how to work wood and have the tools for it, you can make your own. Pendulums and pendulum spreads can be pretty cheap, especially if you make your own.

I used Runes one time to get the name of a parasitic spirit, which is not the best method but if you need a quick banishing it’s better to use what you got.

Runes seem like a good idea but I was lucky enough to be given a free ouija board by a friend who was too afraid to use it

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You could try automatic writing and clair audience


You could also use a magic square technique. You make a magic square-like thing with the letters of the alphabet (it won’t be an actual magic square because it doesn’t meet the parameters but that’s besides the point). Gaze at it like you are activating it. Letters will begin to pop out…write them down, you’ve got the name.

BTW, did you find the name using the spirit board?

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You can also read a list of demon names until the one you are thinking of pops out. If you are stuck between a couple it’s not too hard to narrow down by reading about each one and see which one resonates.

Update, used the spirit board and although I recognised the presence of the entity, it would not respond its name, and rather repeated the word “name” (although it said “namme”) followed by moving to no. I think that was clear enough

I will try you guys other suggestions with similar updates :+1:

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