Divine Will

As living agents of freewill we represent divine bodies. Now there’s great responsibility in this divinity. Sure we are free to waste our divinity on petulance and the mundane(not to discount the importance of the mundane). The mundane world is our foundation but we must build beyond simple need and base desires.

What are you doing on a daily dasis to acheive/ maintain your godhood?

I’ve encountered alot of people involved in the occult who are attempting to fulfill pursuits that aren’t based on their True Will. As gods we must ignore all distractions which lead us away from our godhood. Our True Will will lead us to our genuine divine calling


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Ah, but how do you discover your True Will?

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I take action. As simple as this sounds, it is everything to me. What is godhood if not the potential to take action? Movement?

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Throughout our life our will is tampered with most heavily through mundane needs, peer pressure, and media. Doing your true will might mean playing sports or a career path. The idea is that our true will is pure, undiluted by need and simple desires.

True will and purpose can often be elusive. We must find these things. Sometimes we do things because our friends are doing it. Sometimes emotionalism and political rhetoric can be manipulative. To discover our true will we must focus wholely on our self and the things which appeal to our truest person.


That’s right! Now get out there an become a god! :smiley_cat::sunglasses: