Divination Topics

I am looking to practice divination, and need some some ideas on what to divine on. This is NOT the place to request a free reading. I am simply asking for ideas on what I should do divinations on in order to practice my skills. General topics are fine: What sort of areas in my life I should focus on, World events that may be interesting to perform a divination on, Other questions etc. I am just stuck on what sort of questions I should ask while performing divinations.

I would suggest divinations that are related to your magickal path of ascent so in that way, you can gain insight on various aspects of your life. Just a humble opinion, not too complicated or grandeur but still something to start. I wish you the best.


@Alexander12 Thank you. I hadn’t thought of that.

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I hope to read more of your experience’s in the future, Infinite blessings.

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Using scrying with the energies of the path you use is a strong way to peer beyond this veil an into the realms of that energies origin. choosing a method that aligns with the energies can make this easier.
for example using water,air(smoke),fire or earth(crystals)

You can find simiar exercises with elemental scrying. As a side note i would reccomend a good amount of grounding after. This method saturates the aura with the energy being explored, similar to evoking or invoking a specific energy or spirit. Just by being around it, it effects you and not always in a positive manner.

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