Divination seems to work even with limited vocabulary

Hello. I wanted to add my stupid 2 cents in the divination section, because that’s what I’m working on in my development, and there are beginners that might need some encouragement.

I have played around with tarot, but it was kind of lofty for me. I took the tarotschool.com course. It’s really good, and in depth, but I don’t vibe with kabbalah and all that. I didn’t want to view the world like that when I did readings, so I found Lenormand. I dove in and started doing three card spreads.

I found I could predict some asinine, mundane thing for the day. I still am bad at stringing a sentence together, but it still works with limited vocabulary and knowledge of the system.

I think because I was not worried, or stressed. I asked a question I had no emotional stock in, and just kept a look out for a sign. It worked every time! I think it worked, because I didn’t care much about it, I had a detachment concerning the answer, and I treated it like a fun game.

All of those things are mentioned by E.A concerning divination. I think you can totally work with a limited beginner’s knowledge and keep adding to your vocabulary as you go along, and not worry. You may not see as in depth as a long time practitioner, but you will see what you are able to.

I like the way E.A uses tarot. It’s simple, and it’s adaptable to the individual. I won’t give up on tarot, because even with my crap knowledge of every card, it still shocks me with its relevance.

I just hope anyone starting out will know that there IS a point, and you WILL see something, even if it is not complex at first. It’s like a baby learning to talk. Good luck to everyone! I love this place! So many beginners! No bragging, no moralizing, no douche-canoeing! Long live BALG!

Second rule of dream control: The more attention you give something, the more related detail it creates.