Divination Request

Good Morning.
I might be a newbie in here. But a lot has been happening around me lately starting July 7th and still happening up until today.
Part of me is asking me to save whatever is left of a soul I have and the other part is as mad as the Hatter from Alice… worst part is this is no wonderland rather than a living Hell.
And I’m looking for help in any way possible at this stage because I can’t move on yet I can’t stop fighting.
Yes it’s a love issue… specially that this person was my fiance for over a year and we were planning the wedding. Booking venues…etc. it wasn’t a random planned breakup and as if he was looking for a way out. We were so so happy that part of me feels as if someone sent us some dark entity to ruin it. Evil eye is evil and there’s a lot in here in my country that fight it daily.

I had a divination from on active member last night. That said that I can be victorious but it’s a long term fight.

I wonder if anyone can shed more light on this if that is okay to ask from you. I also feel blocked. I can usually tell and my intuition was always on point up until the 17th of July.