Divination Request

May I get a divination?

What kind of divination?Is your house haunted again?

Aren’t all our houses technically haunted since we commincate with spirits on a daily basis? I don’t know.
I’d like to know the names of the spirits that I hold dearest to me and that which are succubi.

Have you ever tried the advices given to you in your previous threads?

One of the “simplest” way of getting an answer is to use a pen and a paper. Let your intentions be known to the succubus first by explaining how you want her to reply to your questions. In this case, you let her know that she’s allowed to control and move the hand where your pen is resting.

You will know if it works. Try it out!

Thanks succupedia. That method was the most helpful. I never even knew that was a possibility. It worked. I got a picture that told me a short story. Also she opened up to me. Time to get buck