Divination Request?

I can take “no” and am soliciting from the place of - I’m too anxious to trust reading myself and I’m poor.
Long story short - I’m in misdemeanor legal trouble because somebody lied.
I WAS in felony trouble but it got better.
Full disclosure - I was stupid to be around them, stupid to be there, stupid to do what I did - scratch his car paint - seriously with a knife he gave me - with his permission
It was STUPID - it wasn’t illegal.
Since then, these people (esp one of them) literally tried to extort me to make the charges go away.
I consulted a lawyer, he can’t do that. It’s the state pressing the charges.
This happened in Feb. I’ve done – like – all the works. One freezer spell that had strange results - he’s been arrested 3 times since this happened - that was my spell. The both have 3 poppets out there one way or another. Buried, in the woods and burned the buried… I’m genuinely that angry and honestly am trying to give the bad side of their nature that PUSH – (I’ve asked for escalations of behavior I know they exhibit, already) I want some serious destruction for them – they aren’t part of my pact – I NEED to walk free.
I’m doing one more spell- an ammonia jar - ANOTHER ammonia jar - they tend to work fast, I’ve done lots of long haul works for myself – hell, I’m in a blood pact now and have a pint of offering blood in the fridge. OH – any works on the judge, jury, attorney, courthouse - totally welcome. I told you how my sons walked with me and chanted on the New Moon day (because who wants to raise eyebrows at the court house at night, right?)
I have court 8/18 and again the following week. If I’m not offered like $100 fine for disturbing the peace or something that will settle this I WILL be going to trial.
I’ve been calling on Belial, Eligos, and Lucifer (I called on Lucifer as a thing from Black Witch Coven who said to ask him for permission and currently my son is drawn to him) I made a blood contract with them all. Something I can easily fill and have been over filling in the mean time.
I have an anxiety disorder. I’m better when I don’t have legal things over my head. I’m SO interested in the alchemy of making me better for that reason – OK – I’m rambling now.
Anyway – sensitive souls, please, if you are willing, tell me what you see?

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Ill get to it right now mija

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Do you want ne to pm you the results?

Sure – I was just thinking maybe that was a good idea!

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If anyone is interested : Here’s my reading from @anon39410973
Ok so ill name the cards first

Four of Diamonds
Ten of Hearts
Two of Hearts

Eight of Daimonds
Two of Spades
Nine of Clubs

Ace of Clubs
Nine of Spades
Queen of Daimonds

Okay you the average number of red cards are higher than the black so this is a pretty good layout, but the future has two black cards so.

Your past, was filled with love for your children and you have worked hard to bring them up into a Good Family, but you have had changing financial areas but it was really good for them, good job.

Your Present, this is when your money problems started, you got newfound power and joined with people that helped you bring prosperity into your life and you are still going to experience this for a bit.

Your Future, you will change and be changed by this, you will gain power from it and start on a new more powerful path that will lead you into prosperity and luck.

And response-
Thank you
I do a 5 card spread and it’s tarot – I need to read up on playing cards - I used lenormand which would feature them bit its a smaller deck – and its never “no” - you aren’t going to jail. I haven’t had the financial change we’d hope- BUT I have made a decision just for sure in the past week or so - I’d say I made decisions for the family rather than money and it is good to hear that was right
Well, IDK if I should pack up the house – but – it seems the “risk” I was planning will work out :slight_smile:

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