Divination or ...what?

I have an odd situation.

My dear sister who has always had rather accurate and vivid dreams, recently viewed my dad’s very imminent death. She’s been doing some major medical and psychological/spiritual work of the white light variety (naturopathy, kinesiology, reflexology, muscle testing, etc.) after resurfacing trauma from a rather unpleasant abusive childhood started to drive her mad. So, after this viewing, she got a wild hair up her ass to ask God for more specifics. The woman is still Christian albeit very liberal now. She decided to use muscle testing which she learned to diagnose her food allergies to “ask God.” She thinks that this is a tool he provides her.

Anywho…she got a time window, probable cause, division of assets, and a lot more. BUT…

  • She is invested in the outcome of each question
  • She has serious daddy issues
  • She ponders the situation frequently

Obviously, if this actually is a means of divination for her, which is likely, it seems a rather dangerous thing for someone still prone to depression, migraines, major fatigue, with a lot of latent rage, guilt, and self-loathing. Especially, since she knows shit about divination or any occult practice in the first place. However, I’m stoked that another tiny chunk of her religion has crumbled and I don’t want to rain on her parade. …This just seems heavy to be experimenting with unwittingly. I’m at a loss… she’s become one of my best friends and I don’t want to fuck that up. I’ve barely started experimenting with divining this way, since she filled me in, but I also know its not Jesus, along with following some real guidelines.

I suppose I COULD let it ride and see what happens. BUT DAMN! If she is right about the imminent death thing, there could be time to talk the man into some medical testing. But, that could mean his last days enduring a lot of pharmaceutical bs, having a ton of medications pumped down him, horrible tests, blowing through his savings, major stress. If it was me, I’d prefer the sudden dropping dead. Especially if I never had a good day or any self-worth.

And, it seems like he knows something is up anyhow. He’s changed to a more loving church, is working on his marriage, apologized to me and my siblings for his pisspoor parenting (never saw the man cry before), attempting to eat better, forcing himself to take a vacations, trying to be social, struggling to spend time with the family…in short, aiming for a personality overhaul. I’m a huge supporter!

Life’s little conundrums are what make it fun, though. Any advice would be fabulous…

Some of my family have died very suddenly, and last year a good friend (much older, kind of family friend) dropped dead with no warning at all… it’s hard on the survivors but as you said, much better for the person to have every moment of life up to that point, and not be living under a death sentence peppered with intrusive and sometimes counter-productive medical treatments.

The inevitable fear, the need to deal with or alleviate the fears of others, it all seems like the worst way to depart this existance.

Even if they win a few extra months, they’re not going to be that enjoyable… and it sounds like he’s made a resolution to start enjoying life, so you’re relieved of having the duty to “warn him” to make the most of things.

Tough question, and I don’t envy you having to deal with it.

Can you do trance journeying? If you can, a trip to speak to his Higher Self might resolve the issue for you - I won’t offer to do it because this is far and away too large an issue for me to try and advise you on, but I can talk you through how it’s done via PM if you want?

You may wish to question the meaning of the visions. It may in truth be of a symbolic nature. The term death may be thrown about to resemble not physical demise but fractures sealing and newness being born.

If it comes to pass that you see and confirm it is of the life-force’s passing is it not that existence is a fluid of intentions? And is it not that ye be god? I will not give empty promises and false hope however there lies in the truth that all things are possible and fate is a slide rule. Within the infinite space of pure imagination nothing is with chance.

To my own experience I quote a dream, wherein my brother’s passing were recorded. With time passing he would find himself in a wreck and dying on the side of the road. It were though that at the time I had chanced meditation and in while doing so managed an impromptu rescue, deep within my unconscious mind and only barely to my knowledge.

He died thrice while the healers worked and on the third I felt his soul leave this plane. He was hence in a coma for six months. Slowly, he returned.

I would hope and suggest that you find time in your schedule to prepare yourself for the death of all loved. As it is an inevitability and in the times of passing your kindred may require your strength.

I send my best intentions to you and hope that through my overly complicated use of the Amero-English language you find some spark of wisdom within you.

I was also wondering about that. In the dream, my mother, sister, and I were bathed in a glowing radiance that was my dad’s aura. We were filled with joy at his passing on. My brother was absent (either didn’t understand, or couldn’t accept). I’ve been researching kundalini awakening and came across a website cataloguing the hormonal/physiological/metaphysical alterations and wondered if the death was more of a metamorphosis… either way, is equally acceptable. A person who works construction is subject to myriad opportunities for freak accidents. I made peace with the possibility years ago. Live in the moment. I very much appreciate your thoughts.

@Lady Eva,
Thank you for the trance suggestion! Its more difficult than I would have imagined. I seem to need to unpack some more baggage before actual travel to the lower world is possible. I simply fade out of it back to a grey area where oddness happens. But, I’m functioning much better in the conscious world as a result. Far less bitchy… more grateful with a sense of humor. :slight_smile: