Divination Emissions?

Just did a little divination as to past events, and when I opened my eyes something really interesting was happening.

My house is a cool temperature. Nice and cozy. I open my eyes, and my skin is emitting steam that wasn’t there pre-divination. I can’t tell if it’s in the physical or not, as I’m the only one in the house and I can see it really clearly, but it’s strange.


You got too close while fire scrying and got singed.

I wasn’t actually fire scrying. That’s the thing. I was scrying via a certain method I use in the astral which had quite literally not a thing to do with fire.

So, I have no idea where it came from.

Maybe some sort of energy complex you couldnt handle in the past is available to use now as you’re more evolved.

Oh, I see that steamy stuff all the time, particularly after more intense workings. Sometimes it will be white and almost cloudy. Think it’s just “high energy.”

Huh. Those responses make sense. I will look more into “high energy”, thanks fellows!