Divination as feedback to magick on one's baneful magick

Since i’m a beginner and i don’t have feedback directly from those who are my target, divination is one possible thing to do to get feedback. I did master curse and end relationship ritual for the ‘fake friend’ that whom i thought was a real friend. I won’t go into details, many of you had read it from another thread. This thread is to say that divination can be a possible feedback tool. I did cast love spell on her too so maybe she confuse with her feelings. She won’t act on it though since she got new baby /husband. Still they deserve breakup for the BS treatment they did. Justice all the way!

I did I ching divination. My results is that they are going to be in a negative relationship, troubles, or some issue. It looks to be in terms of money issue and she keeping secrets or hiding her internal feelings/beliefs etc… So i guess some of my baneful magick is working or helping their relationship to not be in harmony.