Divination and Lovecraft dump

I’m not sure where this thread is going to go. It won’t be going anywhere fast, though. Not at first. I can feel it will at some point, intuitively.

I’ve been telling myself to learn more Tarot for years, but none of the typical decks ever felt “right”. I bought a Rider Waite deck over a year ago with a For Dummies book to get some sort of feel distilled down into idiot form. I like a framework to hang things on, which I branch out from, until I can leave it for my own. But I couldn’t get I to it and I knew it wasn’t time.

I’d seen the Necronomicon deck before, several times. Almost bought it a few times. But I hadn’t read Lovecraft’s works, so I didn’t see any point. I also felt it wasn’t time.

Once I had read his works, I came across the deck again. I put it off. Then a friend mentioned it to me less than a month later and it was time.

Here is where I will collect the readings I draw for myself and, since it already has, encounters based on the deck itself or usage from it. I plan on doing reading vs every 2 weeks, but may go down to 1 week and/or spot readings for specific situations.


Here’s a simplistic run down.

The Trump cards are considered the Higher or Cosmic forces at play and the Suit cards are human beings and events in the “real” world. The two types are not mixed together for the standard spread.

The author stresses that I better cards read much harsher with this deck, due to the images and nature of the Mythos.

The spread for the book is as follows and I plan on following it.

The Masters row is dealt first, then the Servants, with the final card being Fate.

The card influencing everything else is the Fate card at the top. It is turned over first and considered. The Masters pertain to the present. The servants show the near future.

For the servants, Ace through ten show classes of people and their influence in the area they are in. Court cards represent specific people that will play a major influence in that area.

Once everything is noted down, the final card of the reading is, again, the Fate card to help tie everything together.

For this, I will be calling upon Yog-Sothoth for guidance and wisdom. I feel I should and this is a new relationship, though one I knew I would at some point.


There is also the Cthulhu Vault tarot that you might have a look at. If you want to see some examples from it or specific cards I can take some pics later to post if you like?


I’d like that, thank you.

I did my second reading today, but I want to go back to the first, because it highlights a few things I feel are important for my approach.

I wanted a spirit of knowledge to assist me and this was in large part because one of the things that turned me off to tarot when I was younger was because the interpretations seemed like a kitchen sink that had nothing substantial to them. It makes sense, but being analytical, this was difficult.

Another reason was that I wanted another “opinion” that could validate or refute my intuition whem deciding which of the areas mattered and could provide emphasis on maybe which mattered more.

The third is that I still don’t have the confidence and it makes me feel better. I’m also trying to avoid influencing the cards or the reading. This third area will take a while, for sure.

Who better to call than Yog-Sothoth? They Key, the Gate, and the Knower of the Past, Present, and Future? Had I contacted him before? No. But I’ve mentioned to a few friends that I’d been feeling the pull to contact some from the Mythos. Yog-Sothoth was one of those.

I will end this here and pick up with the first reading and the calling of Yog-Sothoth in the next. Lessons were learned the first time and the calling changed a little.


Here you go. They also have silver edges and the cardstock is really thick, like, on par with the Occult Tarot.


Those look nicely done. Is it Cthulhu based? Seems stupid to ask, but I don’t feel an affinity to him. Sacrilege to Lovecraft fans, but they don’t dictate anything…

Thank you.

That’s coming up a lot.

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Those are beautiful.


If they’re actual fans, and not just the psuedo-fans that are rampant in the occult, then they would know that Cthulhu is far from central to Lovecraft’s work. In fact, “Cthulhu Mythos” is a bit of a misnomer, and the term was not actually coined by Lovecraft, but by August Dereleth, after his death. Ol’ HP himself called his stories “Yog - Sothothery.”


All right, back to work…

I cleansed the deck energetically and then tagged the cards to start the attuning process. Why tag them? I don’t know, ownership? Maybe I read somewhere along the years, maybe not, but it’s what I did.

Next came the calling to Yog-Sothoth, which I kept simple. I could already feel his (its) attention, so I turned mine more towards it, made a connection, and invited him to come and bring me the knowledge and wisdom I sought. I didn’t forcibly call him and was pleased when I felt his partial presence. I made a note to remember to listen to his suggestions.

I shuffled each deck for a while, turning parts around as I felt I should. Eventually, I felt I should stop and deal the cards.

I’ll present like this to help make patterns easier to see.

The first card turned over is the Fate card : Ishtar (r) (XVII - Star).

Family Life
M(aster): Nyarlathotep (I - Magician)
S(ervant): 3 of Wands

Social LI’ve
M: Yig (XXI - World)
S: Queen of Cups

Work Life
M: Shoggoth (VIII - Strength)
S: 8 of Swords (r)

Love Life
M: Amun (IV - The Emperor)
S: Knight of Disks

School Life
M: Cthulhu (r) (XV - The Devil)
S: Queen of Disks (r)

The Fate card, Ishtar (r) actually sent a bit of a shock through the system. I had just been visited by Inanna not long prior to start working with her, in the same way others had - she showed up and highly suggested we start working together. Yog-Sothoth was amused.

I felt him draw closer as I started looking at the given descriptions and pulling out what was most appropriate for Ishtar (r).
Hope delayed, need for patience, an error.
All right. So, this is what will tie the rest of the spread together…

Family Life. The Master is the personal living environment of the individual and considered to be the physical space, whatever that space is - bedroom, house, hotel…
M : Nyarlathotep - (relevant only) attainment, skill, strong will, eloquence, misdirection, manipulation.

S : 3 of Wands - Optimism, good prospects, all according to plan (this was influenced by other plans for me), established enterprise.

Confusing, a bit. The living environment doesn’t have skill or eloquence, but the walls may hide misdirection in bad repair jobs😂.

This was talking about the home environment, obviously, and not the space. Since it’s just me and the family here, these are traits currently displayed at home. I first thought that the traits were speaking only about me, since my job means I have to talk in circles when not in that space (misdirection). I then got the impression that it wasn’t ONLY me. I didn’t get anything else out of that, but it left me wondering. Yog didn’t offer anything useful, but I somehow felt my confusion was appropriate.

Social Life. Background info when the person isn’t at home or work…so…Balg? I’ve been a bit asocial for decades, so I don’t know how well this applies. My social life had consisted of meeting new neighbors on the sidewalk and that had just about been it in the recent past.

M : Yig - Fulfilment, completion, summing up, coming full circle, last thing to be done.

S : Queen of Cups (person) - Mature woman who reflects the personality around her. Avoids those in difficulty or in emotional pain. Superficial interest in others. The servant in this area is supposed to be people that you’re not really close to, but that isn’t my general social style offline. I’d rather have a few close friends than a bunch of acquaintances.

So, the first part, where my social life seems like something I’m thrilled with… I didn’t feel like this applied to Balg, but also didn’t feel like it applied to my neighbors (they seem nice enough but we’re not drinking buddies). I was quite confused with most of it. But “coming full circle” made perfect sense in that we moved back to Maryland and have seen a lot of our old friends several weeks prior. The rest of the descriptions seem more like a finality, which may have applied to my friends in Hawaii I had just left. I felt that it was a stretch and continued to be confused.

Queen of Cups…this could be several people, online and offline, and I couldn’t get anything more out of Yog. He was still amused.

Work Life. Pretty self explanatory. It’s the work environment and the Servant shows future actions of coworkers. Since I had just started in a completely new role and location, I was interested in additional insight.

M : Shoggoth - Indomitable spirit, harnessed force, perseverance, refusal to surrender, defiance, purposefulness.

S : 8 of Swords (r) - Fatal error, temporary bondage, pettiness, ill fortune.

Looking at the environment, this seemed like an overstatement, but all of the toned-down versions are exceptionally accurate. A lot of critical analysis and burnt brain cells at the end of each day. A challenging environment that’s more self-stress than management imposed. (This is still accurate).

But the coworker actions left me wondering who in my new coworkers would act this way? I couldn’t think of who this was (and still haven’t).

Love Life. The Master shows the environment and the Servant the lover or spouse. I felt this also applied to former, future, and those one may a close relationship with that you aren’t romantic with. Hard to describe, but the impression from Yog was more like it also applied to those closer than friends, but not like lovers. Anyways.

M : Amun - Virility, potency, impregnation, creative spark, penetration, determined purpose.

S : Knight of Disks (person) - Young man with prudent and practical attitude, stays the course. Makes excellent use of resources.

All right… I felt like this made sense and didn’t. Both entries. Like there was that annoying feeling that you weren’t putting something together. I.felt it applied, but didn’t, which didn’t make sense.

School Life. This is the area where the mind is exercised and developed. In my opinion, this could be anywhere, since I do this at work and at home, like most.

M : Cthulhu (r) - Malice, betrayal, anger, intimidation of others, deliberate cruelty, forbidden forms of sexuality.

S: Queen of Disks (r) (person) - Mature woman that devotes time to unimportant, repetitious labor. Grumbles about Life, but lacks motivation. Pedestrian outlook. Doesn’t see herself doing great things, so she doesn’t really try.

What the hell am I learning? Again, it was one of those things he where I felt the cards were “right”, but they didn’t seem to fit anything I knew. But the Servant, I did have a few ideas of who that could be, but neither seemed to fit within this category.

The environment didn’t seem to fit at all, unless you’re talking about the spirits I work with. But those relationships are largely established and nothing being learned or worked on fit this, either. I’m largely in learning in trickles while my attention has been on the latest MFWB group and Helios Unbound.

Yog-Sothoth was greatly amused by my trying to figure it out.

So, I went back to the Fate card, Ishtar (r) and tried to make sense of what I was seeing and feeling.

Yog-Sothoth finally decided to provide some insight. When I had read up about him (which I should do again), I’d also read that he supposedly knows all of this about all of the different (current) incarnations of.yoh, for those that subscribe to the multiverse theories out there.

Personally, I’m on the fence and even if I think it’s likely or true, it doesn’t mean it’s actually useful to this version of me. But the impression I got was that I was picking up on those other (supposed) incarnations because I didn’t specify I wanted only knowledge from this one.

So, according to him, all of those applies-but-doesn’t instances where from this and I guess he was bored and wanted a laugh. All right. You got me there. I’ll fix it the next time.


Round 2

Based on the experience I got from Yog-Sothoth last time, I decided to alter my calling to him. I asked for his presence and got it. This was a more formal calling, though, and my intent was to establish more of an actual working relationship, if he…relatively behaved. He found this amusing. I did specify this incarnation and only information useful this one.

I felt drawn to do it differently than the book suggests and listened to Yog-Sothoth instead. I didn’t deal the cards off the top of the deck, but pulled off groups and ran my hand over them to see if I felt one “belonged” to this reading. I then would ask in what position it belonged, and placed it there. There were times that I felt !ore than on card applied to a spot, but asked for the better one and called it good (for now).

This is what I drew.

Fate : Yig (r) (XXI - World)

Family Life
M : Shoggoth (VIII - Strength)
S : 8 of Cups (r)

Social Life
M: Beast of Babylon (VII - Chariot)
S : 6 of Wands

Work Life
M : Amun (IV - Emperor)
S : Knight of Swords (r)

Love Life
M : Deep One and Bride (r) (VI - Lovers)
S : Ace of Disks

School Life
M : The Empty Space (XIX - Sun)
S : 4 of Swords (r)

Other Factors (I was pushed to do this. It isn’t in the book).
Ace of Wands
Knight of Wands

Fate : Yig - Going in circles, lack of comprehension, failure to understand, sense of futility.

Perfect. As I was writing down those areas that I was being told were important, I was also told to look into the Upright definitions. “Last thing to be done” applies and was left until the end on purpose.

So, it seems like there is an overall sense of treading water. Which is exactly how I feel in some areas and I’ve been told to wait and let things happen to progress. Hopefully, there is an event or occurrence that will cause this to break out of that and move forward.

Family Life
M : Shoggoth - Indomitable spirit, harnessed force, endurance, refusal to surrender, purposefulness.

S : 8 of Cups (r) - Success abandoned, self-defeat, depression, misery.

It would seem that things are going well, but the Servant area had some impressions that I should note. Each of this will occur throughout the household and during specific times, rather than continuously, almost like micro cycles.

Social Life
M : Beast of Babylon - Victory, rulership, admiration of the crowd, glory.
S : 6 of Wands - Victory, pleasure after conflict, enjoying the spoils, success attained.

Admiration if the crowd? That involves being around a crowd and interacting with it. Why would I want that? Ironically, we went to Dave and Busters for a birthday party that evening and I didn’t know where we were going. That was enough of a crown for me for a long while, so let’s hope this is completed (or there’s misery ahead).

As for the rest of it, it seems that there are struggles ahead, but the theme thus far is that things should get better in the end. Sounds like regular life.

Work Life
M : Amun - Virility, potency, creative spark, penetration, determined purpose.
S : Knight of Swords (r) - Mature man who rushes into in all directions at once, distracted by details, will use deceit to progress. Should be challenged by a firm determination.

Well, no work love affairs in my future, especially with this Knight. Not my thing and neither is the way he’s supposedly about to conduct himself. I don’t know who this could be, so I’ll be keeping an eye on any new introductions in the next few weeks.

Love Life
M : Deep One and Bride (r) - Bad match, unhappy affair, betrayal, seduction, adultery, unrequited love, broken vow.
S : Ace of Disks - Material gain, productive labor, valued possessions, property.

Well, damn, sunshine! While I was reading the Master card, I felt that this was an example of when to take the card lightly. Yog-Sothoth agreed and added.the impression that the most direct definition for some of these words wasn’t to be used. Betrayal, for example, could be the telling of a secret and adultery could be mental. While the words applied in some fashion, they weren’t to be taken in any heavy form in this case. With one exception - unrequited love.

School Life
M : The Empty Space - Higher Power, vital warmth, revelation, greatness, purification, essential truth, stripping a way the shadows, something of value, wealth.

S : 4 of Swords (r) - need for vigilance, exile, appeasement, Danegeld, precautions.

The Master eerily resembles the work I’m doing for Helios Unbound, which is a purification process for the Higher Genius. It is obviously.Solar in nature.

I was honestly unsure about the Servant aspect and still am. What could I need to be vigilant about with regards to my current studies? As I said last.time, I’m in a bit of a holding pattern. The group ends today and the only work I plan on doing us with Tiamat and Inanna, besides Helios. Must be something to come, 'cause I’m not seeing any deep, dark diving any time soon.

Finally, he wanted me to pull those two additional cards, both Wands, the Ace and Knight.

Ace of Wands - Purpose, intention, determination, awakening, will, beginning of an action, source, creation.

Knight of Wands - Mature man, impulsive, generous, but capricious. Impatient with rash actions he later regrets.

Yog-Sothoth wouldn’t give me anything else about these cards. Were they warnings? Am I this Knight? Sometimes. Was this Ace a sign of what should happen, something I should be doing? Is it the actions of the Knight? He wouldn’t give anything up about it.


(Originally posted in my Helios Unbound thread)

I had an interesting experience tonight, while doing to solar body crown center meditation/formation. I’d done my part, the Higher Genius had done most of his, and Helios had been doing his for about ten minutes.

My attention kept turning back towards Yog-Sothoth and what types of workings I may learn from him. Wasn’t planning on going that route any time soon, since I usually have a longer “getting to know you” period before diving in. First date sex can be great (let me stretch that memory back), but not my style with spirits, right?

I’m returning my attention to the task at hand when I see myself in third person, drawing a symbol, opening it like a portal, and peering through it to view a specific thing. It’s apparently for specific things, essentially scrying but through this means that Yog-Sothoth will provide. I didn’t see the while ritual and knew there were parts left out in that brief flash, but if was enough to get an idea of it.

Helios paused and I could feel his gaze on me, “We’ll get back to this later”. He wasn’t upset or anything, but I apparently broke the mood. Guess I’ll be doing that again later.


I felt I should revisit this today for some reason, at about a week in.

Most of the larger questions or events are still playing out.

Family Life has been stressful and the lack of decent sleep is taking a toll some days. One of the air mattresses popped a large hole the other night a little after midnight. Wife got up and a loose USB plug caught just the right angle and tore a hole large enough that I was tossed out of bed.

All of the chain stores in this area apparently close around 9pm, so no 24 hour places to get a replacement. Couldn’t find the patch and the hole was literally on the outer edge, where the plastic bottom meets the sides, which are covered in something like felt. I cut the patch in half to layer it for the best seal we could get and we got a few hours of broken sleep. She thanked me for my refusal to quit when I went looking for a way to patch it (before we found the patch, which we thought she threw away). Still don’t have out household stuff yet, so options were limited.

Social Life has been…a bit too social lately. The trampoline and playground that came with the house have caused our place to be a sort of Mecca for the neighborhood kids. Which means their parents come over. I’m really good with small, short interactions, but I don’t have a lot to say past that, especially since a lot of the people that come over are religious.

Work Life. Still don’t know who the deceiver is. I work on a small team and don’t feel it is any if them. I don’t know the rest of the office, for the most part.

The Love area is still puzzling to me. I’d lay out the details, but they’re a bit too personal. Must be more emotional or psychological in nature.

School Life was interesting, but I think I have it figured out. My work with Tiamat has begun again and several times, it sort of interfered with my Helios work. I was asked to do it with a much larger time gap between the two, so the daily Helios “order” work doesn’t cross as much with Tiamat’s more chaotic energy. Both are attunements of sorts, but neither asked me to give up the work with the other, which means they must not cancel eachother’s progress out.

The nature of my work with Tiamat gives insight into the Ace of Wands card. With my sleep getting messed up, I’ll take the blame for being more like the Knight of Wands here and there.


I hate those air mattresses, when moving they are the worst (the only thing worse is sleeping on a hardwood floor, outside would probably better than that.) You are better off with foam. If you don’t get proper sleep you can end up psychotic.

You could find some hobby that has nothing to do with occultism and talk about that. Or you could talk about how much air mattresses suck.

Do you think this might be related?

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May be related, but it’s too early to tell.

I have hobbies outside of the Occult. I just don’t feel like talking to them about them. :grin:


Time to revisit the 16OCT21 entry.

I’m still unsure about the Fate card, Yig. In the overall sense, we haven’t been going in circles or had a sense of futility with anything but our household items not being here. We were notified they should arrive on the 19th and confirmed this today.

Family Life - there has been a lot of job stress (not mine), which has been causing those feelings in others.

Social Life - lot of being social with Halloween and the week before. Hopefully, that will calm down before we travel for Thanksgiving. Naturally, I don’t want to go, but will.

Work Life - This was accurate, as I figured out a new way to use a tool that will significantly assist in sifting through previously hard to find items.

Love Life - still don’t really feel this applies.

School Life - wasn’t a question about the Helios stuff matching with the Sun. I’m still unsure about all of the precautions and whatnot from the Servant area.

Concerning the Knight of Wands, I seem to be over the hump with at tuning to Chaotic energy, so things have largely levelled out. I hope.

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I called on Yog-Sothoth again and he had me cut the deck in weird ways. I was essentially cutting the deck where he said I should, turned parts around when directed, and shuffling individually for each card. It was really messed up and took forever. And I think he must’ve been messing with me, since I did a reading on Friday that I didn’t post, as it was personal.

Anyway, here’s the mess.

Fate - Ishtar - XVII Star

Family Life
M : Yig (r) - XXI World
S : 3 of Cups (r)

Social Life
M : Cthulhu (r) - XV Devil
S : Knight of Wands (r)

Work Life
M : I’thakali (r) - IX Hermit
S : 8 of Cups (r)

Love Life
M : Shub-Niggurath (r) - III Empress
S : 2 of Disks (r)

School Life
M : Hounds of Leng - XVIII
S: 5 of Disks (r)

Shoggoth - VIII Strength
Queen of Disks

All of the Servant cards are reversed.
The one Master card is upright and equally as bad as the others that are reversed.

Fate - Ishtar.
Relevant words - Hope, divine gift, renewal of purpose, destiny, guiding light, guardian angel (not an actual angel in this case).

The Fate card is especially important with this reading, as the rest is quite dark. The overall implications seem to point to either the reduction of the severity for the rest of the reading and/or these events being orchestrated for good reasons.

I’m still not above Yog-Sothoth messing with me, since he insisted I reshuffle for each card, when the cards were in the proper direction at other points in the process… Moving on.

Family Life
M : Yig (r)
Going in circles, sense of futility, lack of comprehension, failure to understand, something uncompleted.

Yig (r) was my Fate card for my last posted reading. For a minute, I thought it was in this position last time, but clearly not.

S : 3 of Cups (r)
Sensuality, excess, carried away, frenetic delight, indulgence, reveling.

If the current environment is indicated by the Master card, then I guess I could see the blending from last draws Fate to the Family. Kind of feels like that. I’ll assume that is a one-off until I see a pattern of it. The card itself makes sense, when you consider we’re in a holding pattern until our household stuff gets delivered on the 19th. I did petition Pazuzu and ask him to engage with the other “winds” to try to speed it up. Fingers crossed.

Now, concerning the Servant… That’s an interesting combination. No known parties in the next two weeks…unless our stuff comes early…

Social Life
M : Cthulhu (r)
Malice, resentment, betrayal, abuse of power, intimidation if others, bullying, deliberate cruelty, forbidden forms of cruelty, pleasure in wickedness.

S : Knight of Wands (r)
Boastful, showoff, beneath the bold mask he is prey to fears and doubt, impatient and cruel, no mercy.

This is the one area I know exactly what it is and who this Knight is. And it’s in my social area, just online. And the Knight is getting dealt with.

Work Life
M : I’thakuah (r)
Intolerance, fanaticism, self-abuse, rigidity of belief, knowledge withheld, lack of guidance, vital energy squandered.

This doesn’t describe my work environment at all. But it does describe someone else’s in the household. Spot on for that, so I’m assuming it’s either for that environment, Yog-Sothoth is messing with me, or I chose the wrong card (and he verified the wrong card).

S : 8 of Cups (r)
Success abandoned, self-defeat, immobility.

If we are talking about the other work environment, this is the likely future for the next few weeks.

Love Life
M : Shub-Niggurath (r)
Frenzy, lustfulness, boundaries (but not exceeded), generation excess, deformity, mutation, unhealthy growth.

Sounds like a hard romp resulting in a penile fracture … All right, I’m confused by this one. Makes me think it should be toned down to be inline with the Fate card, but I still don’t see this situation as the “here and now”. Maybe near future?

S : 2 of Disks (r)
Forced cheerfulness, unwelcome change, arguments, bad news, making the best of it.

Totally get the forced cheerfulness, but Thanksgiving in Atlanta is outside the scope of the reading… And that would be under Family. So, here’s to hoping the wires got crossed.

School Life
M - Hounds of Leng
Illusion, sterility, danger on the path, hostile environment, pitfalls, hidden enemies, deception.

This was one of the entries where nearly ever word or phrase felt like it was a hit. Usually, it’s around half and changes per session. This one is upright and I still don’t see where it fits. I’m on good terms with those I work with, so this makes me wonder if there’s something underneath or unseen.

Still doesn’t quite make sense, though. I got in a tiff with a few spirits I work with the other night, but I’ve spoken with and am on good terms with them. My work with Helios and Tiamat hasn’t had any drastic changes. This is confusing.

S : 5 of Disks (r)
Destitution, bankruptcy, ruin, chaos, discord.

This may make sense with my work with Tiamat, but that seems like a.lot to learn and get down in the next two weeks. Well, to perfect and have results in two weeks seems like a stretch.

Finally, the Other. Still not sure where these fit in or how this section even works yet.

Shoggoth - indomitable spirit, harnessed force, perseverance, refusal to surrender, purposefulness.

Queen of Disks - Mature woman who devotes too much time to unimportant labor. Lacks motivation to improve herself. Dull, unimaginative, with a pedestrian outlook.

All right. I’ve had the Queen come up before, but not all of the wording applied. In the spread, this represents a person, but this isn’t part of the spread.

Maybe the Shoggoth draw is a reminder when the rest of the deck hits.

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Time to review last week’s draw.

In the Family sphere, the present situation (Master) was supposed to be about going in circles and have a sense of incompleteness. This makes sense from not having our things yet (19th), but that’s about it.

Concerning the Servant card, the only over-indulgence was use getting tipsy. Well, and my caffeine intake, but that’s normal. No overspending. I guess I don’t k ow if this card has come to fruition or not.

Social sphere. This one is still playing out. I’m doing both beneficial workings for the friend and baneful ones for this jackass. Have another session tonight with some layered fun in store for the Knight of Wands. He’ll be the Page of Pixie Sticks in the end.

Work sphere. Still don’t see how this applies. I’ve had real progress at work both in learning and in performing it while doing so. Guess we’ll see by next week.

Love. No unhealthy growths I’ve found yet and haven’t seen or heard of any from her. Last night was the only discord and that lasted a minute.

School. I was really doubting this one. What dangers could be lurking in my studies? The good kind. I was in ritual with Tiamat and another entity and they told me I would be facing a series of tests. They didn’t say why, but I figured out that it was the other entity’s “tribe” that was testing me after passing the second test in the middle of a jog. It was…educational. Most of my tricks didn’t work well, since I was in the middle of running. Wasn’t about to stop and start waving my arms around like a mad man on the sidewalk of a street with plenty of traffic…

Not sure about the Servant card though.

I think I’m going to start taking pictures of the cards for your entertainment. I mean, I don’t get paid for this thread, so, why not?

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Little over two weeks at this point. Been getting distracted by real life. Household stuff comes tomorrow, so I better wrap up the last reading before all my free time is spent with unpacking boxes and holiday stuff I don’t want to do (say, traveling and in-laws).

Looking at the Fate card and the relevant entries, you’d think this is were grim and in need of some hope to manage to keep going. Not the case. Plenty of hope for our stuff tomorrow, but things haven’t been bad. Maybe it was to offset the rest of the cards.

Family sphere hasn’t changed from the above. The excess prepared stuff doesn’t make sense still. Nothing else to say about that area.

In Social, the work continues for the Knight of Wands, except there are two of them now. One a magician piece of shit, the other one just a piece of shit. The work continues.

The Work draw still makes no sense.

Love arena is fine. Nothing new to report.

School from continued, but I am through that round of testing. Outside of those three instances, there haven’t been anything else that would remotely fit the entry.

That’s about it. I’ll do another draw later to carry me past Thanksgiving.