Div aura?

So I’ve seen some members here who have worked with demons like Sitiri to get an attractive aura so I want to try this with the Divs but do you find their energy attractive ?

I mean will that kind of energy even attract people ?

@C.Kendall what do you think ??


Any ideas ?

Guys :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

Please gimi some ideas

Eh, I am not a genial expert when it comes to Divs, but honestly I feel their energy is directed at slightly different planes and are not the best source for attractiveness itself. I’ve seen some sexual ahrimanic stuff or info, but the change in the level of attractiveness seemed to be a result of personal self-confidence rather than specific practice or influence of Divs. You can still try and and see what the results will be, but I would recommend Asmodeus as a more reliable power for this work.

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Ok thanks @Sha

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Wtf is a div?

It’s what the beings in the Ahriman current aka the Path of Smoke, are called, from what I understand.

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