Disturbing dream involving shapeshifting

I confronted a recently deceased relative in a dream a couple nights ago. He was not ‘in a good place’ so to speak, and I sensed he was suffering in the dream. I got the impression that death did not bring him peace. He approached me in a vampiric way…He gave me the impression that he needed to be a part of my life still, even in death, in order to continue on and siphon power from me. We did not have a good relationship in life. For the most part it was downright terrible. I told him straight that our karma ended with his death. I cut off all ties and told him he won’t be reincarnating into my future life path as a part of my family ever again. When I told him this, he shape-shifted into a massive snake, bit me by the nape of the neck, hard, and proceeded to coil around me.

At this point, I screamed out loud and woke up from the dream. What I’m wondering is if this was just his way of lashing out in anger at me one last time, or was it an attempt to prey upon me somehow and inject some sort of karma into my body to secure still incarnating into my family, similar to a mythological vampire turning a human into a vamp and thus ensuring a bond? I really hope it was the former. I get the feeling he was trying to scare me into submission of letting him come back, but I’m pretty sure it didn’t work.

Wow that sounds creepy - do you have a method of divination you can use to get some answers, or any spirit allies you can ask?

If it bothered you enough to stay with you for a few days now, it’s probably worth looking into, and not just brushing it off.

Lady Eva, yes it was creepy and I’ve let it linger at the forefront of my consciousness like a signal to the universe that I want answers, and I’ve gotten answers. My first answer came in the form of a coincidental conversation with a friend, and secondly, I brought up my ideas to my guardian daemon and he confirmed what I suspected to be true as well.

It basically boils down to the fact that my relative is somewhere in the 4th dimension, a part of the astral plane where dreams manifest and everything that ‘exists’ on this plane is like a shadow of wishy-washy half truths. I can only imagine it’s a complex and potentially dark place to stay…It’s much different and less cushy than the life he had been used to here on Earth. He is feeling uncomfortable there, but has the power to shape-shift (shape-shifting is easy to do in this dimension) and he used this to his advantage to try to scare and coerce me into submitting to his need to reincarnate back here. He wants to reincarnate back here onto Earth, but he’s not courageous enough to come back here unless he reincarnates with people he knows. He wants to get back into the family he was with before he died, and since I’ve never had kids but may choose to have them in the future, he pretty much had it in his head that this would be his escape route. He even told me that if I choose to adopt, he can reincarnate as that adopted child, and that it didn’t have to be my biological child. He was enraged when I told him I was severing all karmic ties with his death. He never saw that coming. In his ‘mind’ he felt a sense of hope in me being his lifeline out of there sometime down the road, and now I’ve left him with the uncertainty of what’s going to become of him, because in order for him to keep a connection with me in this life, I had to agree to let him, which I didn’t.

If done properly, LBRP will blow his ass away easily.

Hey, I never thought of using the LBRP for this situation, but it might’ve come in handy. I haven’t had any encounters, let alone attacks from him on the astral plane, though, so I think I made my point and he’s going to let it be.