Disturbed salt line

So this is something that happened about a year ago and I can’t really explain it.

I was at a friends house and we where talking about the supernatural activity that happens on and off through out where he used to live. Foot steps could be heard at times, random slams and crashes in the middle of the night when everyone is sleeping, Chairs in his kitchen would move out from under the table, his things would move by them selves and some times it appeared that items would be eaten by the house. I threw an xbox live card at him one day and it went behind the couch, when he went to recover it there was no trace. He has since moved out and it was never seen again. Phones, lighters, and other items just gone. If my memory serves right he even had money disappear. One time I woke up in the middle of the night at his place and smoked a cigarette (I was on his couch in the living room.) and I swear I felt someone sit down next to me.

So we start talking about a solution. I know some basic things about cleansing so I figured I would charge up some salt water and banish the spirit. We even put a salt wall around the windows and the only door leading in and out of the house. Literally a day latter the salt walls we put up at the front door where disturbed and a smiley face was drawn in part of the line. Other parts in the wall where also knocked out of place. Now I instantly thought my friend was fucking with me (Something he is known to do.) but to this day he says it wasn’t him (He isn’t a very good lair, and I’m pretty good at reading him as I have known him for 10 years, and I want to say that I know him well enough to say that this isn’t a joke.). Though the activity never stopped (Until he moved out, thankfully nothing followed him.), it didn’t seem to get noticeable worse. After I did what I did he asked me not to do anything else as he did not want to anger what ever it was.

So my question for you is what was this? Can spirits move salt? Because to my understanding salt repeals spirits, and the intention in my magic was to banish so if salt is just salt to spirits then charging it with the intent should have worked (To my understanding.). Was it that it just wasn’t working, my friend is a lair, was I doing something wrong? Maybe I was going about things in the wrong way and my simple lack of knowledge caused it to fail. The big question is how the salt was manipulated, either it was the spirit or my friend was lying.

Anyone else every experience anything like this?

Anyway I haven’t stopped in and made a post in a while so I thought I would pop my head in and write another long post.

Thanks guys :wink:

In my experience salt cleanses negative/hanging energy, and the reason you cast a circle with it is to create what you would call sacred space in shamanism. That’s why salt is also used in healing, because it brings whatever is ailed closer to its original state (vibration).

Within that context, sure, spirits can move salt if they are close enough to the physical side of things. Imagine this: if a spirit is looking to cause havoc and it has caught notice of your idea that salt holds power over the non-physical, one of the most efficient ways to shatter your resolve is to disprove that belief. Since your beliefs and your appliance of such ideas (will) is really what binds spirits that sounds like a very intelligent method to ensure it can remain?

That was a weak ass ritual. Doesn’t surprise me it didn’t banish the spirit.

Yeah you’ll need something stronger than salt to get rid of spirits.

Ok so salt is to remove negative and lingering energy. I just figured it would have the same affect on spirits (Obviously I was wrong.)… So its more like a sponge rather than a repellent.

No request for contact was made, my friend was pretty freaked out the entire time he was living there. He always hated being alone in the house.
And my goal is to develop my skills, but I have some things I need to change about myself. I’m sort of at a brick wall at the moment and need to get a sledge hammer if you catch my drift.

"Since your beliefs and your appliance of such ideas (will) is really what binds spirits that sounds like a very intelligent method to ensure it can remain?"

If I’m understanding your question you are saying that it was my intent (Will) that binded the spirit? Could you possibly elaborate?

Might not have worded that as clearly as I could. When I said “bind spirits” what I meant was binding them to your will, or in other words, getting them out of your space in this particular case (since your aim was to get rid of it).

In any type of ritual that has a quality of exorcism, the goal being to get rid of something permanently, the thing that is usually attacked is generally the empowering idea. For Christians it’s their faith in God and their ability to channel righteousness, for magicians counting on tools like salt you might find the tool is discredited (throwing it around as if it’s nothing has that effect!), for magicians using their will it might be their ideas of personal power that are assaulted.

Spirits will test you, and what might seem fickle and random at the time is in many cases a very intelligent attempt to disempower you to continue applying your will. Whatever faith you have or tools you use, in the end their just means to apply your will - which is why attacking the tools is a valid means of disarming many a magician.

Hope that clears things up some :slight_smile:

Ah ok, thanks Yuri :wink: