Distinguishing Your Thoughts From Theirs?

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I am a novice practitioner of Black Magick in general, and lately I find that I am able to perpetuate dialogue with the spirits I work with by writing our thoughts and words down. I have received some pragmatic help and advice, as well as indications that my intentions are heard. I have been asking Azazel and Lucifer on information regarding my personal self, and I can see how a lot of what they explain makes sense in the world I live in.

I am an amateur evocator & diviner at best; no physical manifestation of the spirit to me; no clear and crisp ‘voice’ of the entity speaking to me, no “sudden influx of information”. However, when I give my sacrifices and prepare a ritual to call the being I wish to summon, I can tell that there is something different about the ritual space. I ask questions that can’t be fact-checked by information on the internet or previous tomes (that I have found anyways), relating to abstract concepts or my personal life. My main concern, as I have found with many beginning practitioners, is how we may be able to distinguish the genuine thoughts and truths of the entities we work with from our own.

How can we tell if we ourselves are “making up” the entities’ thoughts and leading ourselves astray, or if that particular spirit is genuinely speaking to us to grant us gnosis? Are there any tips anyone has to be able to distinguish these differences, especially to someone who is learning?

Would want to know this too

The first thing may be to decrease thoughts. In fact the practice of mental void, besides Eastern meditation, is also found in Magick. One method is to do 30 cycles of inhale-pause-exhale-pause and imagine a big sea, sky or fire. Other two, more properly aimed to empty the mind, consists in “starving” thoughts by ignoring them, or in their expulsion.
Afterwards “practice makes better”: it will gradually occur a sort of filtering, and perhaps you’ll recognize “mental voices” as belonging to this and that entity.

I think about this all the time. What convinced me was being in a fun altered state of conciousness where I was having trouble with expressing ideas articulately in the verbal sense even within my own train of thought. My thinking happens way faster than words are capable of when I’m stoned and it can sound very stupid despite often finding answers to deep complex problems while I’m there.

Images and concepts would move WAY faster than my verbal acuity though I’d hear my thought train say things very well that was beyond what I was capable of saying in that state. Far more articulate.

That’s when I realized I was indeed hearing another.

All that said, if you find the answer, does it matter? I get there are times when you’d need to know. There are times when you find two different ideas that contradict. There are also times when one thinks they’re hearing someone else and it’s nearly ALL them. Lots and lots …and lots of people larping on this forum.

Though if you’re looking for an answer and you get it, or a result and you get it, that’s all that matters. A lot of my wisdom comes from other sources such as books, seminars, teachers, people, and conversations.

I hear a lot about “developing astral senses” and what not. I’m still learning how to do full visual evocations. Most of my amazing experiences with spirits have come from synchronicity or through having said “astral senses” highly elevated by an enthogen. Something with a conciousness to it. THC, LSD, or DMT all work great. The latter being the strongest experience when it comes to hearing them.

There’s a way to practice attuning your conciousness to where you can hear them. It seems that around 70% of the forum hasn’t been to rapture state. Those who have take it as a given requirement and there’s nothing stickied talking about many of the fundamentals. With all the new people surging the forum I think this would be wise to discuss more.

I’d ask them to speak to you in a way you’ll understand. Many will communicate through dreams or signs, conversations or other ways of sharing information are a way I get things. I asked Sallos for something and was lead to a new resource. A few weeks later I have a contingency based system for multiple relationship management that’s astoundingly powerful.
Raziel will help you actually make contact with anyone if that’s a doubt. Learning to recognize their energy is a big one. Get an omen with a distinct feeling and feel Belial or see an associated number and you’ll know. It’s easy to miss results if you aren’t looking for them. Become more superstitious and look for things when you make an association. Just don’t get too lost in it.

I’m looking forward to hearing more from others about how to actually develop this further. Most people say “Lol just talk to x spirit” but that begs the question…

I did call on Lucifer and I’m lead to believe he showed me all of what I just said. I’m feeling an energetic nod from him as I type this. Consider that relayed advice.


For me the image of the answer appears in my head before i can think the response. Its immediate and unexpected. Like texting, it just sorta flashes through my mind and pops up as letters. Its my own voice reading it.

During meditation their voice sounds like mine but different? Sorta hard to describe

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