Dissecting my unintentional Astral Projection

Accidental Astral Projection with no preperation

So, last night I astral projected a total of three times into realities that resemble my own but are not quite the same. What I find remarkable is that I did not intend any of this. As a matter of fact, the last time I astral projected consciously was 4 months ago. So, let me dissect the process behind it so that I may share my experience in detail with this forum. Hopefully, this post allows at least one person to fill his/her gaps in knowledge. So let me start:


I think it is important to talk about the actions that have led up to my experience. Normally people suggest doing a lot of preparation, meaning that you shall meditate, exercise, eat healthy food, and overall balance your body and mind.
I do not exercise anymore because I now focus on studying and learning a lot of things at once, and efficiently. I do stretch now and then. My study habits have increased my focus and when it comes to food I am not the most healthy person anymore, as I consume a lot of chocolate and sweets in general as they aid me with my study sessions.
I do eat Kimchi tho, which is a fermented food that has several incredible health benefits. So in summary: I am not too rusty with my body, I am moderately healthy and my focus is not too bad. I guess these are the requirements that most people claim must be met.
Now, for the night itself. I pulled an all-nighter. I stayed up studying all night. It is important to mention that I took a 3 hour nap from 7pm to 10pm, which is why, by the time I actually went to sleep, I was not too tired.
My body did not necessarily crave sleep, is what I mean but it was tired nontheless. This is important. This allowed me to stay conscious as my body went asleep. More on that now.

The process

So, I went to bed at around 6am but I did not sleep immediately. I listened to some subliminals, which are entirely unrelated to astral projection, as I always do. Because I planned to get up after the subliminals ended (which takes about 30 minutes), I set a silent intention to not fall asleep. I did not force anything. I just intended to stay awake and went with it.

Well, my body was tired and I fell asleep pretty quickly but some part of me, deep down, was still a little conscious, as I had intended. After a while I heard a faint “hello” in my room, which echoed in an unnatural way, making me question if this is the physical realm or not.

Then my third eye started pulsating like crazy. In fact, it felt like my head was about to explode. It was not painful tho. I concentrated on it as it got stronger. After a short while, it stopped entirely and I felt “floaty”. That’s when I was able to simply fly out of my body. I was in the astral version of my room.

The first thing I did was look into the mirror as always. Thing is, whenever I astral project, my astral body seems to look different. I kinda have to learn how to maintain a specific form. Anyways, this time my astral body looked like a more grotesque version of my physical self. But nothing scary. Just weird.

Exploring my surroundings

I flew around and went through objects, like one normally does and I found that the house I live in looked a little different. You see, I live in a house with other university students and the people I saw resembles them but they also looked a little different. One of them hadn't changed at all while the rest had slight differences. Instead of short hair, one had long hair, for example. The kitchen was decorated differently. They couldn't see, hear, or sense me in any other way. I was basically a spectator. There was an additional room as well.
I returned to my body and decided to travel to another reality. More on how to do that later, if you wish to know. And when I emerged, the house also had slight differences. I decided to fly out and the streets looked like normal. I flew alongside it when I suddenly found myself in the home of a stranger. I basically teleported there without my will. And this was bizarre.
There was a small blonde boy, maybe 3 years old, and his older sister with long brown hair, maybe 6 years old. Behind them was their mother, snacking on some snacks, it looked like. The kids were playing with their toys when the blonde kiddo looked straight at me and said "Mommy, this man is floating. Look". The older sister looked too and seemed a bit worried and the mother was utterly confused. That's when I was weirded out as well and decided to return to my body.
I explored one more reality but nothing noteworthy to say here.

Your mind in the Astral realm

I just wanted to add this here because I have never talked about this before but I think it is extremely important to understand this about Astral Projections, as a beginner. People always talk about techniques you have to perform and what you have to do in order to fly, go through walls or travel through realities but there is one thing most people fail to mention:
You will be in a very low state of mind, meaning you will most likely not have the mental capacity required to think about these things in depth. What I mean is this: When I want to exit my body, I do it. I don't think about how I am doing it, I just know. When I fly, I just do.

I don’t think about how to fly. It is natural. Most things there are based on instinct and emotion. It’s just like when you walk in real life. You probably don’t waste your time thinking about how to walk. You just do. Well, of course, that is because we have made it a habit to walk when we first learned how to but because you Astral project every night, even if you are not conscious of it, you possess a basic idea of how to fly, for example.

When I want to travel to another dimension, I return to my body, experience the vibrations, and set the intention that I want to continue Astral Travelling. And it happens.
If you want to astral project, make it a habit to trust your intentions without requiring proof all the time. Don’t think about the techniques too much. They’ll be instinctive once you are in the right state of mind. If you are conscious enough to question all of your actions and techniques then I feel like your Astral Projection is doomed to fail.

At the end of the day, Astral Projection is mainly based on trusting yourself, so don’t stress about the how and what.

To summarize

Train your ability to focus on one thing and one thing only. Be moderately healthy both in body and mind, don't be too tired, or else you will lose your consciousness completely and simply fall asleep, and trust intentions, but set your intentions strictly and make them meaningful. For example, don't just say "I musn't fall asleep". Define why you musn't fall asleep. And most importantly: remove your mental blocks regarding this topic. Everyone does it all the time, just like you. You just have to become conscious of it.

The end

Ok, sorry if this post got a little bit long. I couldn't concentrate on my tasks because something told me that I needed to write down what I had experienced. I want to take this opportunity to thank those who have aided me in my life and my personal transformation:

Thank you King Paimon for opening my mind and rekindling my love for learning new things.
Hail King Paimon!

Thank you President Marbas and Azazel for healing me when I was at the lowest point in my life. Thank you for giving me the ability to master my emotions and store them away at will.
Hail Marbas!
Hail Azazel!

Thank you for reading and I wish you all an awesome day.