Disposing offerings to Lord Ganesha (hindu Gods)

So how do I dispose offerings given to hindu Gods?

Usually, hindus eat it, but an experienced magickian who works with Lord Ganesha told me that he usually throws it away after keeping the offerings on Lord Ganesha’s altar.

I am here to double check? Is it ok to throw away the foods given to Lord Ganesha after leaving it on the altar for 24hours?

Well, if Hindus traditionally eat the offerings, why not do that?

If not, then yes, you can dispose of offerings in the trash. Just make sure you give Ganesha a prayer of thanks before you do.

Another traditional method of disposal is to bury offering in the Earth.

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Oh thank you so much for your answer. :slight_smile:

@DarkestKnight beat me to these suggestions lol.

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Us buddhists eat the offerings too, i think its fine to eat rather than throwing the food

Like knight said you should give ganesha a prayer before doing anything