Disposing of sigils

One time I threw it all in the dumpster. Sigils, books, tools. Sometimes for religious reasons, sometimes because I seemed to just waste my time.
How should sigils be disposed of if they weren’t responsive?

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I have disposed of them by burning over a candle of particular liking of the sigil’s owner

Differences of throwing them away, tearing them to pieces, or cast in fire?

Casting them to fire releases them to the void. From our reality. Away from us


I suppose casting in fire is probably best. But just a matter of opinion.

Personally having more spirits around me just empowers me in general so I just keep all my sigils tucked away in my grimoire :slightly_smiling_face:

Pretty sure the same should apply to everyone.


I keep all mine tucked under my pillow. I like having them around me too.


Most commonly, sigils are disposed of via the elements ie burned, buried or cast into a body of water (you can also flush them. It counts as moving water.) I usually burn them and cast the ashes to the winds or flush them.

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If it’s a trash, the dumpster is okay :slight_smile:

If you don’t find them responsive, you can put them in a box and get them out of your sight for a while. Forget about it, maybe you would need them sometime in future.

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I usually try to throw them into an ocean or a Sea. Basically running water.
I don’t know if it’s the correct method though? It feels like… instinct…

I also burn them sometimes too