Disowning family members

How does one disown their family members like EA Koetting did to his?

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Hmm, Not Quite like EA Koetting but, be Financially independent and leave your family, Try to explain them but if it doesn’t work, Just leave. Its a very mundane advice Cuz It is a very mundane problem.


How did EA Koetting disown his family?

I don’t know maybe, Maybe other people remember it.
P.S.- You don’t need to do exact same things that other people did though.


Basically, all “disowning” means is that you have turned your back on them and cut off all contact. That’s it. There’s nothing mystical or magical about it. You simply sever all ties to them and consider yourself an orphan.

I guess you could probably accompany it with something like a cord cutting to remove any energetic attachments as well.


I think you do it just by realizing that you don’t need them and then affirming it one way or the other. Like cut them off completely.

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Unless you’re a teenager getting emancipated, the only means you have is just not talking to them again, some go as far as to change their first and/or last name.

No occult needed just logic and a bit of legal paperwork lol.


When forgiveness isn’t an option, baneful magick.

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I did this a couple of years ago, and I emailed saying these people were toxic to me, and I didn’t want to hear from them again.

One ignored my wished and called a few times and I answered a couple, but this was 2 years ago and they haven’t tried to call for a year, and then I changed my phone number and didn’t tell them what it was. They are not in my social media, they have no regular way to contact me now short of hiring a private detective to find me.

I do still get magickal messages indicating the one wants contact a lot like signs from entities, same idea. I just ignore them. I’m not bothered enough about that to do a working on it.


Family members often have trauma and limiting beliefs they decide to feed you on the regular it gets exhausting not a bad idea

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Does EA Koetting still love his family he disowned?

We can’t speak for him, and it’s not really ideal to talk about people behind thier backs. All you’ll get is gossip and not what’s necessarily real or current.

The subject did come up in his last livestream, I think if you follow him on his yt channel you’ll learn about him more from a personal perspective.


I’ve cut off my sister because she keeps fucking me over. She tried to get my father to cut me out of his will. She blames me for thongs I had nothing to do with. With her latest stunt of trying to turn my son, and father against me I cut her off. I blocked her out of my life. I won’t curse her because I believe this opens the door to serious misfortune because we share a bloodline.

Disowning someone means shutting the door and walking away.

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There is a name for this, it’s called Defoo. But keep in mind, relationships with parents as a child are involuntary. But as an adult, they are consensual.

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