Disorientation dizziness

Does dizziness help with projection? i am wondering because it disorients you in your body so does it help you get out of the body?

Dizziness may be a sign of TGS which is required for Soul Travel, so yes :slight_smile:

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No i mean like spinning around until you get dizzy

Huh ok, I still believe so… Recently I read here about dervishes, which I already knew but, before that, I didn’t realize that they dance in order to enter a state of trance.


No, dizziness and disorientation will not help you get out of your body.

Spinning is simply a method of trance induction, and without considerable practice, the destabilising effect on your proprioception will make you vomit before any sort of out of body experience occurs.

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In his book, Secrets of the German Sex Magicians, Frater U.D. describes training with a shaman who used spinning for trance induction, and after spinning for only a few minutes, he was on the verge of throwing up. The shaman then informed him that in his village, the shaman will spin for three hours before the chief is informed that he is in power.

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have you done that

not 3 hours but just spin into trance

Hell no lol

I can’t spin for more than 30 seconds without hurking up my lunch. The 21 rotations in the 5 Rites almost makes me fall over.

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