Disheartened by lack of psychic senses, any help?


I’ve been working with spirits on and off for about two years now, and my workings have been generally effective, as far as I can tell. I know I have the ability to call forth spirits, but I am totally incapable of perceiving them in any way. Not through any of the 5 senses.

This isn’t rendering me totally spiritually inept, but it’s a problem I’ve been unable to solve. I really have no idea how a spirit feels about me or how to build a relationship with it if I am unable to hear it. I’ve searched extensively for meditations to improve clairaudience and practice them regularly with no luck.

Is it possible I’m just spiritually deaf (if that’s even a thing?) Advice would be appreciated.

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I mean, maybe I just had too good of a ritual and I am a bit too tipsy (one wine cooler, but I max at five so…)… but sounds like you answered the issue already. The psychic senses and the physical senses don’t always, or even usually overlap at all.

Eh… probably half the communication I get comes through telepathic thoughts, and if I didn’t know how I think so well, due to the fact I can’t make pictures with my mind at all, I would wonder if they weren’t my own damned thoughts… actually half the time I wonder this anyway/or convince myself of it- unless someone else confirms it. I don’t even get clear visuals. Most of the time I get a far out there impressions of what I think I might see if I could freaking see with pictures in my mind.

A lot of times, the newer folks dismiss rather clear signs of spiritual activity, with their logical minds. I mean random flashes of light, a change in the room temperature, feeling like someone is watching you, goose bumps… vibrations in the air, noises that sound almost physical but aren’t… Knowing things you can’t know…

But mostly, what people seem to do the most wrong in the beginning, is try so hard, or worry so much, or get so disappointed, that they don’t see, hear or feel anything because they don’t just let it happen. They have expectations of what it might be like if it happened, and it’s not usually the way we expect for any of the senses at all.

Stop trying to feel, see, hear, or experience anything for a few months, and most people start noticing things. Learning energy work, can also make a huge difference in actually noticing the lesser signs of spiritual activity.


Have you done any exercises to develop the clairs? Clairvoyance, clairsentience, etc… You’re looking to develop inner senses. Interactions via physical senses aren’t terribly common or frequent (for me).




Decades ago I saw one spirit manifest in incense smoke, because when I asked for visible appearance the incense block exploded causing the smoke to materialise to visible appearance. That’s it! Great, but not necessary. I don’t hear anything either. It’s shitty, but what do you do?

My arm hairs stand up, sometimes to attention. I really perspire! That’s how I know that a spiritual entity is present. They answer in my head. I know if it’s ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; if an agreement has been reached.

Try using a consecrated pendulum over a Ouija board with a consecrated Seal underneath, beside or on the board. But whatever you do, don’t get hassled. Keep at it! Good luck!



Thank you all for the advice. I agree I’m probably just trying too hard. I feel uneasy about telepathic communication because I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to convince myself that it’s not just talking to myself, haha. I’ll continue to develop my senses, I suppose.


Probably not. I haven’t yet lmao…


do you know of any exercises for such developments?


I did them over 25 years ago from physical books I got from the library. I would google it. There have to be better tutorials by now.


I always gotten feelings, emotions when I would trace out the goetic sigils, so it was like before I even summoned them I would get feelings. I’m an empath so, that probably helps. It wasn’t until I did this Belial's Gateway Symbols that I actually started seeing them. A part of me hates it though because of how I was raised, too much hardcore science and worry about going insane. and the spiritual is bs, plus they are all evil, the whole story. So it has left me somewhat uneasy about that whole thing. It doesn’t help how much they test you and mess with stuff.

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Yes it is a thing & how many need healing?

You don’t need senses . Only your results matter. That let you know if you got the request message across to entity you working with.

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From my experience it pretty much comes down to what your building your foundations on.
Such as your regular practice abd what tradition you follow. With spiritual perception the more common trend I’ve notice is a type of muscle atrophy when it come to spiritual senses.

Utilizing various forms of qigong, meditation and ritual can help with this.

I think it does matter. After a while, you will need something to keep you going. There are going to be days where you just don’t feel motivated to do any magickal workings, and having more tangible experiences with spirits can help with that.

results motivate you not the senses. tangible experience is the results. why? because the senses you have may just be in your head. results is what affirm that magick is working.

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I see your point and have now changed my mind to agree with you

I think this is a good thing. It keeps you questioning instead of just falling into your own delusions. You need a healthy dose of knowing your crazy.

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The ONLY thing I might add to this awesome thread…when I “sense” the spirit’s presence during the ritual, I am more prone to getting out of the way and avoiding the death to many a spell: the lust for results. I’ve definitely fallen prey to doubting whether my request was received and then the lust for petitioning yet another spirit for the same result. I usually create nothing but a mess when I do that.

I have this too. I really doubt myself sometimes like, am I thinking this because this is what I wanna “hear”. But then some of them are answers I get I don’t “want”.