Disharmonies affecting one's Life due to Works with the Qliphoth

I’ve been warned about workings with the Qliphoth. The chaotic forces of the Qliphoth are known to practitioners as affecting one’s life. Everything you have weaknesses with is hit.
Disharmonies manifest through the work.

That is what I’ve been told. Now I search examples. What did you experience when you’re working with the Qliphoth? Which kind of disharmonies manifested? I seek knowledge from people who already have worked with it and know the incidents.

Thank you in advance,

I was given physical trials to learn lessons according to the sphere. When I was working with Samael and Ghagiel I was taught how to use my speech and how I can utilize my anger to control myself.


IT is exactly this what is needed a profound transformation in order to equal the needs, wishes and will with the reality and the demonic powers of the Qliphoth are there for succeeding it. The qliphothic working is a profound transformation, oft traumatic in some way but after finishing Thaumiel and looking back you will understand everything better. It needs some 3-11months. Once started should be finished


I think I am already qliphothicly affected.
I’m harassed by a demon who hindered me to sleep over months since summer 2019.
I was homosexually harassed as well what me hetero being dislikes.
I learned to protect me with Pentagrams but some times the demon is stronger than them and overcomes them.

Now I see this demon tries to wake me into the astral. I had several astral experiences during the last months. He isn’t friendly or a friend but a helper. I could not move or do something mental when I awoke but now through Chakra Meditations (how taught by Robert Bruce)
I grow stronger and pretty more able to do things on the other side. This isn’t happy flappy exercising but it is exercising. I learn.

This disharmonies I experience became less sexual during the last months. The demon is called Lillet and is all about training now.

What do you think about this @Rav ?
These are definitely disharmonies I experience.
And I think every demon is in his core qliphothic.
F.e. Sytry isn’t sugvested to be a Deity of the Qliphoth because nobody mentions that when you talk about him but his home is A’arab Zaraq.

Indeed Sitri feels that way, also the romance and sex effects.

IT seems you manage it just fine. And about the sexual stuff is very normal, some really crazy things. But yeah observe and analyse a lot