Disfunction of private messaging

for a whole month now, I have had this site re-sending all the private messages I have exchanged here to me. has anybody else experienced this?
When four messages were first sent I thought that was a fluke. Today, I found more messages from my private inbox sent to my email address.What is going on?

That happened to me as well Milla, and at least one other person I talk to offlist - it seems there’s a several-month delay from the message arriving on PM to the notification being sent by e-mail. 'Tis bizarre.

I just turned my e-mail notification off, in the end.

Do you want me to contact Timothy and see if he can shed any light?

I have too. Some of the messages are 7 months old. I’ll just turn off the notification.

Same here. I have had that happen a few times over the last year.

The notification… Same thing, i don’t need it at all thought - so i should make my way to shut it off too… I’m not completely sure about the function of all my private message activity.

Same thing happened to me as well

I keep getting the same personal messages to my e-mail from messages that have already been answered.What gives?

First thing I do when I sign up for any new account, no matter what type, is I turn off all email notifications. If I don’t I am literally getting new messages every 3 seconds between all the social networks and forums I’m a member of.

If he doesn’t see this beforehand, I’m going to tell Timothy about it when we next speak about the forum.

It’s just the echoes of all our dark conversations, torn across the multiverse…

Yeah probably a bug. However it has caused me to revisit a few old conversations and pick up on a few things.

Synchronicities gonna synchronize.

I am facing the same problem :expressionless: and its really annoying.

You know, Timothy is on Facebook. I thought I saw you mention you don’t have a Facebook account Lady Eva, but he can messaged on there if the need ever arises.

I have his e-mail, obviously - I just dropped him a line and included a header from one of mine.

It’s a weird glitch, I’ve never encountered anything like it and I used to do stuff like this for a living several years ago - maybe the BALG server fell into a parallel universe.

I have email notifications turned off, and despite this, I’m getting notices for “new” PMs that I had already read ages ago.

Some things are due to be updated soon, there’ll be an announcement when it’s confirmed.

What on earth is going on?
Today, I received messages supposedly send from members to me from this forum. And the messages are apparently from existing members who have sometimes commented on my posts and on whose posts I have commented. Some of them have also exchanged private messages with me.
Only, the emails tell me not to answer those messages from my email address, but to click a link that came with the messages.But when I come here, I find no Private Messages from them. Lucky, I did not click the links before coming here to check.
Has anybody else received the same thing?

This seems to be the same thing - there’s often a delay of several months, for example the sample e-mail that I sent to Timothy, the PM I got was from someone here on 10 March 2014, but the date the e-mail itself was sent by the system, was August 2014.

The e-mails are automatically generated by the system, and Timothy’s aware, in the meanwhile please forgive this quirk and as I said there may be some news soon. :slight_smile:

Explore the astrals…there may be Gremlins in the system…especially on what I call “outer-world” which is just outside the system as well as between it in those Engineering Tunnels. Ive had to deal with those gremlins on on a few occassions qs they were messing with things. =)