Discussion of the message that King Belial gave in Koetting video

“There is no law.”

I have come to realize that he is telling us that we are able to achieve what we want. The fact he is a Gatekeeper is also to me saying that the first step to ascension is realizing there are no laws. You have to choose for yourself. Live a life bound in chains or set yourself free. We’ve are born in this world blank; like a diary you buy at a store. But we fill it with what we are told is true - Perhaps what we should do is actually question things and see if what we are told is true. Sometimes lies fill us by others who try to hold power. The ones who are the weakest bring down the strongest, but only if you let them.


I’ve never seen him so clearly struggling in one of his videos before. Intense is putting it mildly. He is a very experienced magician, and he’s fighting not to unravel. It’s a difficult path, one that I don’t think many would be truly willing to walk.


Ascension is difficult.

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Belial is intense to put it in a mild way. I worked with him for months. I was lashing out at people i never would lash at. I was angry. I looked at the world through belials eyes and was disgusted. I fully agree there is no law. Only what you want your laws to be