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There are no such thing as demons - only djinn and other alien species.


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[quote=“bingohandjob, post:1, topic:4271”]There are no such thing as demons - only djinn and other alien species.


Nice claim with no explanations to back it up.

Imho <<<— The word demon is misused, just another name for djinn - demons/djinns one and the same.

The 72 of the Goetia are djinn, there are another 72 in the second ‘Solomans pot’ which is yet to found.


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72 plus 72 = 144 - where have you seen that number before ?


I am called Onoskelis, a spirit wrought …[?shabtai/Saturn?]15, lurking upon the earth. There is a golden cave where I lie. But I have a place that ever shifts16. At one time I strangle men with a noose; at another, I creep up from the nature to the arms [in marg: “worms”]17. But my most frequent dwelling-places are the precipices, caves, ravines. Oftentimes, however, do I consort with men in the semblance of a woman, and above all with those of a dark skin18. For they share my star with me; since they it is who privily or openly worship my star, without knowing that they harm themselves, and but whet my appetite for further mischief. For they wish to provide money by means of memory (commemoration?)19, but I supply a little to those who worship me fairly."

maybe this is the difference between a demon and a djinn—

And I at once bade another demon to be led unto me; and instantly there approached me the demon Asmodeus23, bound, and I asked him: “Who art thou?” But he shot on me a glance of anger and rage, and said: “And who art thou?” And I said to him: “Thus punished as thou art, answerest thou me?” But he, with rage, said to me: "But how shall I answer thee, for thou art a son of man; whereas I was born an angel’s seed by a daughter of man, so that no word of our heavenly kind addressed to the earth-born can be overweening.

Demons are born of angels and humans MIXED species.


Fear God, Asmodeus, and tell me by what angel thou art frustrated." But he said: “By Raphael, the archangel that stands before the throne of God. But the liver and gall of a fish put me to flight, when smoked over ashes of the tamarisk28.” I again asked him, and said: “Hide not aught from me. For I am Solomon, son of David, King of Israel. Tell me the name of the fish which thou reverest.” And he answered: "It is the Glanos29 by name, and is found in the rivers of Assyria; wherefore it is that I roam about in those parts."
Footnote for Glanos reads:
29. [D: “sheatfish”, a large catfish. Gk. ho, hê glanis.]

Everytime an animal becomes extinct humanities defences become just a little less.

Guys, I’ve split this into its own seperate thread because it’s interesting stuff but inadvertently derails The Cusp’s idea about demonic wisdom quotes.