Discussing A Curse

I am sorry I just got out of prison brother ism still trying to get the hang of this lol

What did you go to prison for may i ask?

I lend some one 30 thousand dollar s he paid 11 thousand the other 18 didn’t pay me ,left and thought that was going tok get away with ,parting my language but I beat the breaks of of him with a pistol, sorry I had two kids business everything going for my self ,but he didn’t care so I transferred the anger towards him ,I am planning on doing something to him what do you think, he is a millionaires, I found he like scamming a lot of people ,he owned car dealership,a couple ,I suffered alot ,so I’m thinking about returning the favor

Also I lost everything house cats my girl was pregnate at the moment ,everything disappeared I guess I let my ego get the best of me but ism good ,I feel good in this forum ,like I have family even do I’m new hear at last I can relate ,my spiritual side

I think you may like this curse…Really would punish the bastard:



Thank you brother Aiden

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Have you ever tried it?

I moved this to its own thread, it was off-topic in the thread about Zozo. :+1:


Nope but just by looking at the implements,the Adult Warning in the title as well as the way EA speaks about this,I think this is one of the most evil curses out there.I used a ritual that was done in a cemetary to call on spirits and the ritual was necromantic in nature.I had to sacrifice something big and I don’t want to reveal the whole thing because it would lose power and the EA’s curse would work much better.I don’t do lot of curses because I am only a bit over 6 months in magick(I believed in the occult for a year but I only started practicing about 6 months ago and it’s already changing my life) but this ritual was revenge to an old ,friend’’.I tested out some of EA’s other works and I never was disappointed.I don’t think you will be either.


My wife tried this Curse. It was quite affective

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Thank brother have you worked with Lucifer, on path working

Also what is a good demon to send a message to him to pay back my money

Pm me bro and I’ll help you.

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What is pm brother hears my email [email protected]

Hey brother what’s pm lol

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Private message.

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Where can I do at

What I just sent to you is a pm. You have to click on thier profile then click. The blue message button.