Discretion is key, and patience with some folks here is beneficial

From a paper Im reading:
People also have strong beliefs in custom rituals and magic. These rituals and
magic are believed to have good and bad causes. Belief in the magic of sorcery
is an example of a belief that is still strong and alive in Solomon Islands society.
Sorcery today is an offence under both state and customary laws in Solomon
State law (the Penal Code [Cap 26] Section 190) refers to sorcery as:
i) the performance of any magical ritual where there is a general belief among a class of persons that may result in harm to any person; or
ii) the possession of articles (without lawful excuse) commonly associated by any class of persons with harmful magic.
Under custom, sorcery in Solomon Islands can refer to an act or action that causes serious sickness or illness that could result in misfortune, insanity or death if no customary means of cure is given to the victim.
Sorcery can be for a good or bad cause. As to the latter, two common examples in Solomon Islands of the belief in sorcery are arua in Malaita Province and vele in Guadalcanal Province.

There are Chinesze being deported from the Middle East to China. Chinese Christians were persecuted. Some Christians in the US have been persecuted. Witches anbd warlocks and magicians were persecuted.

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In Australia you can technically still get hung for it, so I read once upon a time.
Though it’s a more archaic law, like wearing pajamas out in public.
However yes, there are certainly some places that still hold very closely to such laws.


Though it must be said, that it’s somewhat hypocritical in any sense, especially since the higher ups are constantly working large scale rituals upon the masses.
Likewise, places like the Solomon Islands became and are heavily christianized, so it’s no surprise there in the least, but those laws were also put in place by the ruling faction, as the peoples of the solomon islands had magickal traditions that they were forced out of, basically speaking and they were afraid of having magick used against them.