Discovering Yourself - Or: What's In A Magickal Name?

Dear reader: this is but a long entry from a private book of recorded ritual operations and discoveries. It is my sincerest hope that somebody out there may find solace, direction, inspiration, and even empowerment from my records. Hail thyself!

[CENTER]Woe to you that forgot your sacred name:[/CENTER][CENTER]You are liken to a God that has been defaced and left in the desert[/CENTER][CENTER][I]only to be forgotten with the sands of time.

What is this name?[/I][/CENTER][CENTER]It is spelled out between the Λ and the Ω,[/CENTER][CENTER]It is what is left after the darkest abyss has consumed,[/CENTER][CENTER]And the brightest of lights has burned away[/CENTER][CENTER]Of all musical notes of eternity It is the unique vibration that you exist. [/CENTER]

[CENTER]Fear not! You are never alone;[/CENTER][CENTER]That sacred sobriquet of yours is within you and around you:[/CENTER][CENTER]Search the lonely deserts and you’ll end up looking within–you’ve looked in the wrong places[/CENTER][CENTER]The winds and crashing oceans gently whisper your name–you don’t listen closely enough.[/CENTER][CENTER]Your shadow remembers and is forever chained[/CENTER][CENTER]to that Name which is always walks towards eternal Light, [/CENTER][CENTER]but it dare not speak the name[/CENTER][CENTER]Your reflection remembers and is always repeating[/CENTER][CENTER]back to you what It will say and do,[/CENTER][CENTER]but the mime dare not speak the name.[/CENTER][CENTER]
[/CENTER][CENTER]You must see and listen within[/CENTER][CENTER]And from within you will find the Name[/CENTER][CENTER]Then you will become that Name which will cause [/CENTER][CENTER]Gods and Devils alike to take notice. [/CENTER][CENTER]
[/CENTER][CENTER]Grand Magus, take back your birthright: what is thy Name?![/CENTER]

After one particular day [some years ago] after witnessing a solar eclipse outside with friends and after finishing an evocation with the angel רזיאל‎ that evening I looked through the notes and realized, by happy coincidence, mayhaps, I had come across my magickal name. Through the events of that day it had stumbled upon me faster than I had stumbled upon It through years of fruitless searching. I needed a 2-part rebirth and initiation.

Taking off the mask

I placed a large yellow pillar candle and set it on the altar that faced north along with a ritual blade, a mirror, and the youngest picture of me I could find. I picked up my childhood picture and considered my given name that the world knows me by. After a few moments of contemplation I set the picture down, lit the candle, disrobed, and began walking widdershins around and around, repeating my normal name over and over until it seemed as if my name had lost all of its meaning. I then immediately stopped circling and faced the altar.

I pronounced my name backwards around 13 or so times while thinking back to that younger picture and who I was until it felt as if some mask of my former self had been taken off of me. I stopped chanting. I literally was standing there naked but with the old name put aside I felt vulnerable. The next question was who am I underneath the mask?

I began to circle around deasil as I kept asking the question:

"Who is he who bears the name [U]___(Magick Name)___ ?[/U]

And I kept circling deasil asking that as I felt the power building up inside of me. When the power had been built up enough I finally stopped and faced the altar. I said confidently:

It is [b]I[/b] who bears the name _______ !

After a moment of reflection I approached the altar and picked up the dagger.

I would rather cut the tongue in nine before it reveals this sacred name of mine!

And then held up the blade to my mouth in a hush gesture.

Turning my back to the candle I faced the shadow that danced upon the south wall. I point the dagger towards the shadow.

Shadow, remember my name! May those enemies of mine, be they mortals or not, remain in the dark abyss never to discover my name! So be it!

With my other hand I made a hush gesture with my finger.

I then faced the mirror and pointed my dagger at it.

Reflection, remember my name! Those that seek this name without my permission shall only see their own name turned inside out! So be it!

With my other hand I made a hush gesture with my finger.

Finally I turned towards the yellow candle.

Sacred eternal flame, remember my name! As this candle can be blown out, so shall my life in this body be gone one day, when that happens keep thy sacred name alive along with my essence!

I blew the candle out.

The Christening Rebirth

In a lucid dream (although, astral projection would be better) I made my way towards a sacred temple not of the mundane world. Inside this temple was assembled all of my spirit familiars, guides, ancestors, and other spiritual allies I have made over the years.

In the center was to me a mirror image of myself that was the symbolic embodiment of _____ (to others this may come in the form of your H.G.A., an animal, some spirit form, perhaps even the name itself in the stylized form of a sigil ala Osman Spare).

At first I saw my shadow slowly become one with ____, then my mirror image, then my highest spiritual perfect self, and now it was my turn. I merged with _____ and took back my birthright.

My life has not been the same since I done this ritual.

Grand Magus: what is your name?!



I’ve really been enjoying your posts here, Dagon!

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What are the biggest changes that you have noticed since performing this ritual?
How long ago did you perform this ritual?

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Thanks for the questions. I had a bad habit back then of not dating my entries very precisely, but I left a clue in there for myself, it was an eclipse and I do remember doing this work prior to getting my last job so that would place this around May 20th, 2012.

What changes did I experience? The first thing I noticed after doing the ritual was that any magickal working that I have done since then has been more ‘charged’, if you will, compared to before the ritual. I think when you find your magickal name it is very primal and takes you deeper into your subconscious than you would normally be comfortable going. Your given at birth is party of identity to the outside world and can connect you with a lot of who you are, but this goes deeper than that. Having that level of access to more of the subconscious gives you great self-knowledge, gives you a great source of inner power to charge your rituals, to call the spirits, and further excels your ascent.

Some people just talk about the magickal name as a way of separating their mundane, otherwise secular life from their life of magick and ritual. It will certainly do that, but I find the magickal name to be very liberating to both my magick practice and my secular life. Meditating upon my magickal name and taking full ownership has given me a broader view of my overall life that I did not have before. Before I just kind of viewed my life trajectory as this small, singular straight line with nothing special about it; and I’d use magick here or there as need be. But now it is like I am more connected to the inner god that I am constantly becoming and future more like numerous different roads I choose with great rewards!

But otherwise it was just very humbling and surprising. For example, I am now getting used to calling new spirits I want to work with and before I open my mouth a lot of them will immediately call me by my magickal name before I introduce myself. I wasn’t expecting that! There have specific spirits that prior to this self-baptism would not speak with me when I evoked them or would only half-way help and communicate with me but would still be holding back something. I think it has to do with approaching them with a new foundation that goes deeper within my very being and consciousness. Not to mention a different kind of authority than just using my regular name. I think they respect that.

[quote=“Claidheam, post:2, topic:5202”]Brilliant!

I’ve really been enjoying your posts here, Dagon![/quote]

Same, it’s quality stuff and very thought-provoking! :slight_smile:

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I love you. This is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for.
When the Black Man initiated me into witchcraft, he gave a special name to use. I never felt cool with it. Like, I never understood its significance. I’ve gained more understanding and wanted a ritual to formally embrace it.
Thanks for this !

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