Discovering soul types

Ive heard mention of soul transmutation and other concepts. I read from someones post that its better to know what soul you have or what soul type you have. Would a meditation on this be the best way to find this out? Or would specific entities tell me? I wouldnt mind doing a soul transmutation but i like to have all the knowledge before attempting something. Any help would be great. Thank you.


Well for my first experiences where like this:

You should follow wholeheartedly a spiritual path and it’s practices even though it isn’t really resonating with '(for now you do not know it) your true soul nature and what it really helps for it to grow, but not only soul everything you are composed off(Mental,Material etc).

Well in the beginning nobody really knows unless you take a reading for that from someone who is established and you know isn’t a fraud and is known for his type of craft and its Mastery.Or you lucky as hell and pulled from the beginning the right one for you Wich I doupt it would be. Or you have some lil developed psychic senses and you feel it will be right for you… Is a real posibilty🤷🏻‍♂️

With daily practice and spiritual establishment To different gods entity’s or even only one and yourself included(spiritual growth) you are beginning to picking up different subtle nuances vibes and signs. And if you work diligently and Keene enough your work will be manifesting in yourself first and shine it’s manifesting light outwardly and manifest it’s reality in the physical suroundings and vise versa.

If the manifestation in your core level feel and what you see isn’t THE truth of your being wich you will know so or so trough spiritual practices than you know what you are doing right now served its purpose for first growth and discovery and you can move on to the real thinks that are starting to introducing to yourself and starting to resonating with you personally pulling you deeper and deeper such as sudden introduction of a God or God’s who are willing to work with you on a deeper level bc you yourself unlocked this normal and natural core vibration of your soul that is resonating with such pantheons or beings.

That is how I discovered my soul nature Wich is Luciferian or satanic for its growth and related beings. My Godform the Naga the ancient serpent race.

I was firs a Christian hardcore worshipper no cap. I worshiped suseJ tsirhC everyday three times in meditative pose and Chanting morning, day night and with its angel leachiM. But I wasn’t konservative I always saw myself as a magician and had a belief of balancing the light and dark so I worshiped the same techniques but really rare Satan for darkness (silly me).

And it’s manifestations and resulting enlightenment-endarkenment where real horrible and fucked up. But they showed me the truth and my truth who I really am on a deeper level. What really helps me to spiritualy mentally physicaly to grow!


Soul transmutation is something I’ve mentioned a ton in the forum since it’s something I have extensive experience with at the same time also with understanding what various souls are, not necessarily “soul types” because a soul is a soul, but various races of souls are a thing.

Learning to soul dive yourself is pretty much scanning yourself but to a depth that you scan the core within your soul and not just your energy body, this becomes where you pretty much project your consciousness or part of it into your soul to observe the manifested realm that makes up your soul.

A soul transmutation isn’t something you just “I wouldnt mind one” but rather something I personally believe should be done if you really feel some kind of kinship to those entities or a specific group within that race of entities.

A friend of mine had Inari make them a kitsune because they were a devotee of Inari and wanted to spend their spiritual life in the present and after with her and her various tribes of kitsune, so even now he often projects etherically to them. Another friend had Lucifer do a transmutation on him (not usually the same process from when a deity does it) so that he could be part of the infernal, it wasn’t exactly necessary since there’s humans in the infernal but it was something he deeply wanted, so he works with that framework and often projects there.

But don’t mix true self with the higher self or Godform, a true self is who your soul is, who you are beyond the flesh.

A higher self is the being who you are a fragment of as in some people share a higher self, some people dont, but in the end the higher self has a mind of its own and you are only a piece of that higher self and choices you make about your soul has to go through its approval first, and lastly a godform is a God, Demon, Angel,Yokai, etc that you chose to immerse yourself in their energy and take on their traits and characteristics temporarily as long as you stay immersed in their energy, it doesn’t usually limit to real beings but also thoughtforms, egregores, godforms, and so on.

This also shouldnt be considered ascension because as most see ascension it’s physically leaving the world to be in the “higher” planes or becoming something better than what you are but a demon isnt better than a human, a angel isnt either, nor any other race, it’s simply living two experiences at the same time. Soul transmutation also does not require you to wait long periods of time for something that may never come (ascension) or any of the added new age attachments, it’s a change that affects your soul, the nature of your energy, and what your energy body may look like and it often happens in a matter of days in which you’d usually have to not do extensive energy work and mostly meditation to help the energy flow.


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Thank you both for your time with responding. Im saving both comments and writing them down. I may never do a soul transmutation but i wanted to know a bunch about it if i ever feel the need. Again thank you!

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No problem I love questions on soul transmutation since it’s something I know deeply about lol and to a degree experienced.

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Yea seems like a topic hsrdly covered on here yet. Again thank you.

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I think it’s because it gets too often associated with ascension and godforms.


Its possible. I remember being in one thread and the guy honestly watched too much anime and thought he wanted to be with lilith because of sex and succubus. Forgot the guys name. I think people have misconceptions with magick but more specifically with soul transmutation as well.

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“manifested realms that makes up your soul”
“not just your energy body”

Okay I was thinking the energy body most likely is the soul and didn’t realize the soul has and or is made of different realms.

So what kind of energy are souls made of?
What is the exact structure/anatomy and physiology of a soul?
What separates the soul from the energy body?

For someone to scan themselves, does it take that method of visualizing a connection between yourself and the target but with the target being a copy of yourself?

Or is scanning yourself just focusing on and becoming aware of every feeling/physical sensation in the body?

All the scan tutorials I found are not very clear on that.

Hi @ZombieDemon9000, the member to whom you’re responding has left the forum and chose to anonymize their account.

You’re questions are valid though. Hopefully someone will be able to come and help you out with them. I’m not too well versed when it comes to the soul.

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Ah I see. Thanks. @QueenMustang

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