Discovering innate needs/ psychic vampire?

I’ve been dipping my toes into research in psychic vampires. And have found that a telltale sign is the ability to absorb the energy of people around you easily without even meaning to, or seeing someone’s emotions without trying to hard. I’ve struggled with this my whole life and it used to manifest into anxiety as I would be in school picking up on these energies and emotions which manifested into me thinking I was constantly judged. As I’ve gotten older my self confidence has grown however and I find myself now sometimes enjoying awkward silences and prolonged eye contact with strangers that ends up in them looking away frantically, it almost gives me a rush or a feeling of power. I’m not an intimidating person physically, while I am around 5’11 and pretty skinny I have been told time and time again that I have an intimidating aura about me, or that my eyes are the same way. I don’t necessarily like the way it sounds to say this but in all truth I sometimes feel as though I am a predator (in the least felony way haha). This is because I tend to not only sort of intimidate certain people, but the fact that I pick up on these kind of people and can immediately tell if they are reluctantly drawn to my gaze. I tend to peer into these types of peoples eyes as if I’m cornering them and I know exactly what I’m doing, to some extent, I think they know that as well. I’ve come to believe this is me feeding on peoples energies. Thought however, I’ve found that it has become a bit more focused on attractive females. I can tell when they see me, really see me, and play a little game with it. The conclusion that drew me to believe this is me feeding on their energy is because even though I have a girlfriend, I find myself almost in need of this game. I know what I want and I know how to get it though I do not have any wish to cheat on my girlfriend and it only goes as far as me ensuring that I stay in that persons head because this is what gives me a rush. I suppose I just want to know how to better control and understand this for the best. Apologies for the rambling btw.

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This is a natural trait of all humans, and is something everyone does as a naturally as breathing. As living beings, we are always drawing in energy, from other people, and the environment around us. It’s definitely NOT a trait exclusive to vampirism. As for sensing emotions, that’s not a vempiric trait either. Most humans can do that with very little effort; it only requires some minor tuning of the awareness, and is something those who call themselves empaths are especially known for.

Again, not something intrinsic to vampires. Bullies are always drawn to the weak as well. It’s an animal trait, not a vampiric one.

This is a well known tactic of psychological intimidation. Nothing to do with vampirism.


I find it unfortunate how many people tend to move towards vampyrism instead of the disciplines of the Kama Sutra.

Thanks for your replies I appreciate it, if any of these features have nothing to do with Vampirism and I was wrong then is there a good place to learn about it? I have no reason to want to psychologically intimidate people I see so I don’t see it as a need to do that but it obviously makes sense to relate what I described to that.

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Pick up a copy of a book called the Psychic Vampire Codex by Michelle Belanger. I think you will find it helpful.


Will do, thanks for the advice