Discovered the secret name of Ra!

Hey everyone, I just finished a session of divination with my shadow self and the goal of this particular session was to learn the secret name of Ra, said to be an all powerful word of creation according to the ancient legend. Using my shadow as a liaison for accessing the name of Ra, I used my pendulum and it spelled out the following eight letter word-


I’ll have to ask my shadow more about how to use it exactly, he did say to vibrate “long” on the vowels in the word when saying it. As of whether it’s used like a mantra or an incantation I’m not sure exactly at this point.

If anyone else wants to try it, there it is.


What happens?


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I am not too sure, this is the name Ra gave to Isis to stop some crazy stuff that was escalating if im not mistaken, i doubt He would give it to you through Divination, still…its interesting


How is it so secret if that is the case lmao.

This question is for OP tho, Strengthened.

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I personally don’t really buy into the name myth. Ra is a primordial God they don’t normally have names besides the names given to them by their people. Other generations of Gods having names yes but not primordials.


Shiva has a couple though?

Read everything stop nitpicking. I said


Scratch that, I got what you mean now, sometimes I get confused reading

I don’t think posting Ra’s true name is such a good idea. That’s like going around saying that you found the launch codes to all of the nukes in existence.

True names aren’t toys. If applied correctly, they can give you control over someone. But Ra is immensely powerful and has many powerful allies. Using his true name against him would be considered a declaration of war, with you as the loser as he would destroy your life.

Of course, this is all assuming that you actually found his true name.


Please explain the concept of a secret name. I don’t understand.

Well, I haven’t used the name against him.

It’s a belief that to know a persons true name, the name of their soul on a core level you will have control over them. I personally do not believe them given some beings only have names given to them so the true name is a redundant concept to some extent unless the entity literally tethers their energy into the name. But Ra is a primordial he doesn’t have a true name because he doesn’t technically have a name.


How do you test if a entity even has a true name? Maybe I don’t have a true name and can’t be controlled with that mechanism. Can true names be changed theoretically?

I know my soul/true self name but it doesn’t give a person power over me as I’ve shared it a couple times. However, the names were given to me and I “own” up to them because I like the names lol.

However yes a name is a name and it can be changed.


What if I created a servitor that generates a new true name for me with a one time password algorithm, would anyone have any hope of using it as a vector of attacking me?

This doesnt make sense.Just dont give your name lol I dont understand what does it even mean.

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But someone else could.

Yeah this doesn’t make sense tbh.

Excellent work!!! Totally awesome @Rayne


With all due respect, from my research into the ancient Egyptian magical practices, it was all about becoming (by a sort of shapeshifting/invocation) the deity. Thus, the names of the deities were extremely important in this practice. This is also in line with what my Shadow said that you vibrate the name in a long drawn out way, hence you are connecting with Ra.

My shadow also chimed in “USE THE NAME IF YOU DESIRE POWER UNIMAGINABLE.” as I was writing this.

Regardless what anyone on here says, my shadow and my intuition are strongly telling me to use the name, but I do understand your opinion.