I can’t seem to disconnect from consciousness.

Any advise???


What do you mean by “disconnect” exactly?
My brain has a few ways it translates the concept of a disconnect so seeking clarification to avoid advice on the wrong subject.


Still consciously here while I’m trying to go completely to the place I’m traveling to.

I havent felt a “disconnect” per se when i experiment with this, I had a few instances lately where id be working with an spirit and it wanted to show me something from a different perspective and basically lift me out of my body for lack of a better way to put it and the awareness of my physical body would lessen in degree sometimes a large degree. but heres are a few links to older posts that may give you some insights.


Thanks! I’ll check them out!

I’ll also copy a bit from the core shamanism tutorial I typed out, this is after teaching people the basic method to structure the interface:


  • Don’t expect this to be spectacular, it’s not like in the movies when someone enters a dream or holodeck and it’s exactly like ordinary life.

And towards the end in the notes:

One hallmark of a successful journey is that while at the time the nagging thought “Is this just in my head?” may be present, when you get back, write up your notes, and think back to what happened, the vividness of the memories will be as strong as your memories of events in the everyday world, and unless you were distracted out of the journey, you’ll have next to no memory of your body here in normal life during the trance.

Now, journeys done this way, as with any method I imagine, DO deepen with time, more of your attention and awareness “goes there” in the journey, sometimes to the point of totally losing conscious awareness in the real world.

But if you view it like beginning to do pull-ups, at first your feet will barely leave the floor, it takes real time and work (usually, via quantum leaps and not boring slog) to get to the point where entering a journey means a substantial disconnection from ordinary awareness.


@Lady_Eva I’m starting to think you need Dragon Naturally Speaking for all the work you do!

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Beautiful. Thank you. I always love your insight.

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