I believe my wife to be mostly controlled if not completely possessed by unknown entities. I’m looking for help identifying these forces so we might be help our relationship. She us unwilling to help in this regard due many emotional imbalances. Her behavior is erratic an unpredictable. It is beginning to affect our two year old daughter.

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well you can develop a clarivoyance and see which entites are bothering her

Could you point me in the right direction for this? I am new to this. I am a pure Empath and sensitive to the spiritual realm by nature. Maybe I can pick this up quickly.

My first and probably most important question…

Why are you so certain possession is the case? Because in all likelyhood it isn’t.

Tell me as much as you can and I’ll help you as best I can

Based on what you’ve said, it’s far more likely her own mind is the root cause… Like 99% probable


The one thing that stands out more than all the crap put on her since a child, which could create a mental disorder of some kind, is the black eyes bit.
If a person is adrenalized, the pupils will change, as the person tends to get tunnel vision (hard/centered focus rather than soft focus, which reveals what’s around you), but for the entire eye to blacken does not sound normal or healthy.
Any particular tools or incense used?
What sort of occult practice has she been doing? Any particular name or odd phrase mentioned when being the nasty self? Walks around in a daze until the trigger occurs?
What religion has she been into, and did an exorcism occur (sometimes this does more damage to the mental health than it helps)?
I’m no expert, on anything, but I would factor out anything not psychiatric in nature. What sort of drugs does she still use? What sort of odd things she says while sleeping? Any superhuman strength? Is there anything that she loves to do?
Does she know things out of her league that she didn’t know before?

After reading what you’ve said and divining the situation, I am pretty certain there is no external entity involved.

There are negative entities residing within her. Again, these are not external entities. I know this because they have no names to reveal to me.

They are entities created by and given life by your wife’s mind. This is the case 99% of the time in circumstances like the one you are describing.

‘Normal’, non-magicians don’t realize this lmfao but spirits have little interest in us. They don’t spend their time bothering people or possessing people, they have access to greater sources of energy than we can provide.

This is clear indication that it is an entity created by Mind AKA a thoughtform, that has been created long ago in her childhood and is so much a part of her now that it basically IS her.

The one and only ‘cure’ is for your wife to firstly acknowledge the existence of these parts of herself and desire to be better. Without


Yeah, she has to acknowledge the existence of the thoughtform and have one intention or another regarding its removal or modification


Thank you so much for your advice.

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Yeah np brother

I am pondering on the matter and seeing if there is anything you can do to encourage and facilitate her healing


The closer I move to help her the further she pushes me away. I fear I am losing her.

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I’ve got a question … What area of the Qlippoth lords over addictions? I know its typically Neptune in terms of astrology, but I could swear one of the spheres or tunnels are associated with addictions.

I knew a woman very similar to the one described back in 2009. The family names, tattoos, etc are different so they are not one. The resemblance is startling though.

I would have chalked our girl up to being a raging sociopath after she mirrored, seduced, and won the trust out of my friends and myself. She got some through charisma, some through sex, she got me by feigning vulnerability, fear, and need. Our relationship with her turned into a year of psychological warfare.

She sowed discord between everyone. She loved the effect she had. I saw delight in her eyes. She invented events and people that never happened and were not real to turn our lives upside down. She even self-harmed to convince us that one of the non-people did it. Near the end, she was trying to channel spirits, she knew things she shouldn’t, she had me sleep-deprived and hallucinatory, and she was trying to urge and coach us to kill one of our friends she estranged. Even had us practice our future testimonies.

Luckily, we got wise, and we had a big ugly showdown and removed her from our lives. I was left in shame for my gullibility for a while, and she followed me online for two more years trying to convince me to kill myself. But I won in the long run. She may have won a little game of who fools who, but no one died, and she lost her playthings. Some thought she was just sick and didn’t mean to hurt anyone. She claimed “It was all real to me”, but I don’t buy it.

I don’t know what she was, or what this woman is…and I know you are not ready for this last resort yet, but if it comes down to a last resort, I would suggest you save yourself and leave her to her life without becoming another victim to it. I know I can’t say I’ve been right where you are, because I was just a good friend, and you are a husband. I can only tell you what I did. I wish you luck.

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