Discerning The Type of Cloaking

Hey everybody!

So, with my newfound hexing proficiency, which I’m accrediting to my handy dandy Hexing Amp (more on that in the Omnimancy section), I targeted a person who is a direct block to a desire of mine and decided to curse the everloving shit out of him.

Now, I know I don’t need his face, but I noticed something interesting-

Whenever I think of him, his face changes to someone else. Hell, even the hair color changes! My mind seems to just slide right off of him.

And it’s not just me! His girlfriend can’t remember the color of his eyes 9 times out of 10, his friends call up people with the same first names by accident, and anyone who goes to see him drives past his house literally every single time.

It’s like he’s… well, invisible.

I haven’t done a divination because my skills are pretty shoddy, sometimes right sometimes wrong, so I’d like the opinion of BALG.

What kind of cloaking is this? Natural, a guardian, or am I dealing with a potential mage here?



a guardian would be your best guess. one that wont reveal him self there to protect and the best way to do such is make him unnoticed. most people have them but protect in referent ways. mine destroys most of what you own and leaves you broke. the bullshit about this is he only act after i have been wronged. but the best way to curse the dude would be to do face to face.

Interesting thought, Deon.

I DO have some things to try out, so maybe in his vicinity…

That’s a good idea.

Thanks Deon!


My take on magical invisibility is that you are not cloaking yourself from light, as is most common in sci-fi, but cloaking yourself from attention. Like that video of the people tossing a ball around and a gorilla walks through unnoticed because the viewer is focused on counting the number of ball passes.


I’ve actually managed to do this. Had a cop looking for seat belts walk right by me and not notice I wasn’t wearing my belt. He was a foot away from my car and specifically checking for seatbelts!!! (I think the guy behind me ratted me out)

I detailed the experience in this thread

This has been my experience too. I used the invisibility spell from Protection and Reversal Magic and had similar results with people who were looking for me pass right by me without giving me a second look.

in the video of summoning the 9 demonic kings or something like that E.A mentions a demon that gives you the ability to do what that dude does. not saying that dude has the skill to summon such demon but his guardian has the same ability. the dude him self seems more like a jock to me then a mage. just dont tell his girl your plans she will tell him… and im getting he is a little bigger then you. this is the dude with the dark hair right?

So I could be dealing with another magus here? Or can such things happen naturally?

Deon, when did I mention dark hair…

He’s a few inches broader than me in every direction, and besides I love playing with new gadgets, so using my Hexing Amp on him gives me some target practice.

you didnt mention it. it can come naturally if the guardian choose it. no he is not a mage and you are far stronger then him as a mage


Because I was about to ask you how the hell you knew my target had dark hair and that his girl was the definition of a chatterbox. And that he was a professional baseball player.

And what do you mean by “do what that dude does”? Do you mean what the demon can do?

i just know he is bigger and a jock not the sport he played. go check that E.A video then you will see. the dude does not know he has that ability… well not his ability his gaurdians ability. the dude is harmless by him self and no it does not make him a potential mage just that he is looked after… probably explains why he is one of thoughs dudes that usually gets what they wants.

All the more reason to squash him, then.

Or at least, that’s how it is in my eyes.

it is indeed. my idea is, break his legs… that will crush the world around him

It can happen naturally. If you’ve ever seen the show Survivor, it’s a commonly used strategy. An archetype if you will. Certain people are better suited to play that role.

I started a thread for dream control purposes titled “Using Blind Spots for Fun and Profit”. That’s essentially what I think invisibility is.

you have an old soul cusp