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Any idea how to do a ritual . Not to win the loto is that my life get just a lot well i wish to by any ea ebook but idont even have a credit car i have so many money problem just any idea

Use what he and others put out free online, there are lots of articles. It will require some hard work, but all the necessary info is found in those articles, and his videos. You can ask help on the forum, when you get stuck.
Start with choosing a sigil of some entity you want to work with, get into a trance state, gaze at the sigil, while breathing calm full breaths. Continue to Gaze at the sigil until it begins to move, lines may disappear, and reappear, the color might change, it might disappear completely and come back floating over the paper.
Now the sigil is open, state your intention (wish) and wait until you got it, then burn the sigil.
If you are having trouble in opening the sigil, try to practice gazing into fire, then into sigil, the fire will relax your gaze.
If you can’t make this work, take a look of chaos magick sigils, and try some of those, to acquire magickal books.
Feel free to pm me anytime for advice

What proeng said, and first, please take a minute to post an introduction here - it’s one of the Rules of this forum.

Then, you might find these links useful to begin with:

• the Member Resources thread, which has a ton of links to newsletter tutorials on things like opening sigils, attaining Theta-Gamma Synch (TGS), and also practical advice on using the forum, posting images and YouTube videos, etc.;

• and also a lot of good topics in the archives, which can be found using the Search function.