Dirtyblood ascendant

Thanks for the tips and insights on my previous post on tattooing ideas, will send pictures of how they turn out. Been looking into Palo Mayombe the last few dew tome project but getting through the initiation will be a bitch so been working on altering taking the palo mayombe methods, use of objects, the raw african atmosphere and methods of shangomas, animal skin cloak bound to my ancestors and in all of this not using palo, shangoma, shamanism, voodoo and so forth entities. But rather fuse the rituals with key notes of great demons prayers, chants, circles, cauldron will be as to azazel, beal, claunek both lucifer and Azazel wil be integrated in zarabandas allocation depending on the need. Then use 17 years knowledge to bind it all together for minimal “oil and water” effect. Put every detailed step and action on the build of this and every ritual and outcome on pdf upload it to download for free. …who would like to see the end result?

I would.

Sounds like a huge project because people will be following you into this, and that’s a big responsibility. Best advice is to get some solid spiritual mentors on your side, who you know you can communicate with clearly and who’ve delivered solid results to you in the past - the last thing you need is to be teaching people when you’re not at least around an 80% success-rate for your own magick.

If you get (or have gotten) all those lined up, could be awesome! :slight_smile:

And teaching people magick, the spirits like that, so that may actually benefit you, that IMO is part of why a lot of occultists teach or write books, or take time to share online. Could be a win/win situation.

So basically you want to take Palo and create a Chaos Magick version of it?

I mean, i GUESS you could do that. I don’t know if that’s the best way to go about it, but try it out and report back here with your results.

My first task is to go see a shangoma and consult with then on putting me through the initiation ritual which is almost simular to the palo mayombe initiation ritual… also will take about a month but putting your body through alot. Spending a month in the bush among other things. The end result will be the same as with palo. These are not the obstacles the obstacle is to gain the backing and commitment of your ancestors. I get your concern my lady, my aim is not to teach or take lead of anything I don’t believe that knowledge should be kept or be sold… never have. Knowledge is what I am aiming to share not a path. And no magician I have studied most thoughs paths aswell and will make sure I do not alter something just for the sake of it being the easier way to do it… which is what mostly happened in thoughs cases. Don’t claim to know it all but do know I have a pretty good start considering my knowledge and location and the physical reach to give this project a good jump start. And who knows maybe going through this initiation wil assist me with the problems I have had by having my ancestors for once working with me instead of being completely abandoned. I do have a lot of thinking to do. I know this will flip every aspect of my life around…

This is the gateway to magick in my experience, certainly important, so hell yeah.

Lots more to say on this, but now isn’t the time, I’m working with a group of gods and demons to open the gateways for ancestral protection and good fortune, love, and so on, and quite where that will go as a post, method, tutorial, is still in the works. :slight_smile: