Direction of the Demons..?

Hello balg family,
So i have a Question…each demon has a certain direction (north,west,east,south). Now for example, Dantalion’s Direction is North…So,Do i have to sit in the North area showing on my compass? Or, do i have to sit in the south direction,in order to literally face the north direction?

This is very important for me to know…Thank you so much.


Facing the one invoked for example Abbadon his direction is West so ideal is his Altar be in the West and you facing west. Communicating is better face to face, right?


Look to the direction of the Ones - and think on it as a respectful stance.
If you were In front of me and I looked everywhere else but at you… would you want to commune?
You might stand there and look at me but would you act? Commune?
All respectful positions are necessary in my opinion. Face to face:)

I agree with Rav. You should face the direction of the Deitys assigned direction, if his direction is north, you should face north, you should also set your alter in that direction with your ritual.

That might explain why am I lacking with certain rituals,damn.Next time I will remember this lesson.

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