Directing the spirit into the triangle

I’m having some problems understanding how to direct the spirits into the manifestation base.I know you’re supposed to use your will,but what should I visualize or concentrate on while doing this? Should I have my eyes opened or closed? I’m also having problems feeling the spirit’s presence.Any advice on your own methods would be awesome,not only to help me but to help anyone else struggling with this as well.

Use a black mirror to open your astral senses and get into the theta/gamma sync.

And to direct any kind of energy (spirits included) just trust yourself. Be self-confident and trust your abilities. A real god does not doubt himself.

Also, to dramatically increase the self-confidence, stop your mental analysis of the thing and act from your heart. Use your mind only to receive. Just get the feel of what you’re doing, lose yourself in it, and you’ll succeed.

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I use a brazier with the appropriate incenses to the being in an iron triangle when I feel I must have a visual confirmation of their presence and I NEVER
demand full materialization, a face is enough. it is also easier to close and banish if things get “rowdy” or you get the “wrong number”.

Piggy backing on Elison’s post. I found that working with the Heart Chakra is a great way to learn to trust yourself and really bring your will to pass. Not quite sure how it works, but I think it boils down all the chatter in your head to one concept and then allows you to project that out into the macrocosom. I know Yoga apprentice posted about the Heart Chakra a while back you might be able to find it.

Depends on “Your will”.

I find the head “chakara” to work best in all things concerning wisdom, the heart for all things teaching or healing.

after entering trance (around 30 mins for me) concentrate with your eyes closed, on the spirits “face” on the triangle, you may use repeating this as a mantram continuously to aid in this: “spirit’s name is in the triangle”

evocation is kind of meditation. when you “notice” something as a “link” to the spirit you can ask (and transmit your message through “mental scenes” as well as a clear, affirmative, straight sentence)