So i was doing my daily banishing and shielding ritual for the day and got possessed to the point where whatever was possessing me kept speaking through me saying “Diones”.This is highly unusual for me since all i was doing was what i always do?Anyone know who or what this Diones is?

Etymologically, Dione is related to an old Indo-European root which means “heavenly, divine”. This is also where we get Deus, Zeus, and Daina among others.

But there’s a lot of good information here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dione_(mythology).\

Perhaps, you were a devotee to a Dione in a past life, or one of your ancestors worshiped her. And perhaps it was saying “Dione’s” in the sense of “You are Dione’s”

Thanks.Well i did ask whatever did possess me to let me know what Dione it was talking about but all i got in a dream was mermaids being attacked by sharks.More confusing than clarifying really.

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