Dinosaurs, The Past, Humanity, Oh my!

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Wasn’t sure of a good category for this, so here we are. For a while now I’ve questioned the origins of humanity and the time period right before we came on the scene. Scientists say there was a mass extinction event that wiped out the dinosaurs, etc, then we came along later. I’ve seen some theories though in science refuting this. There are also theories out there about us being planted here by alien life forms. Things just don’t seem to add up with how we popped up. I’m not even totally convinced about the evolution theory. Have any of you tried questioning the spirits on these kinds of topics? Would be very curious to know what they revealed…if anything. Or do you all have some good material that lays out theories or explains these things?



I lean more towards evolution and quite possibly a small bit of “divine” intervention. By this I mean, we share very similar ancestry with apes, we simply took a different evolutionary path than them, and that’s where I personally believe “divine intervention” came in, that the evolution was pushed in that direction. Now, this view I have is insanely faulty as there’s only been valid inspection on the evolution theory, the alien theory would be interesting but it doesn’t really vibe right to me, things such as the annunaki story stitchin pieced together for example has many holes in it.


Yes, it seems like there was some sort of major shift between animals and Man at some point. It’s all very intriguing.

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Well, evolution has been proven through over a hundred years of rigid experimentation (not to mention the fossil record) so it is pretty much an unassailable fact, not a theory. However, in real science, no possibility is ever truly excluded, so that is why, even after a hundred years, it is still called evolutionary theory, because even though it has stood the test of time thus far, something better might eventually come along.

That’s the thing with theories: everyone’s got 'em, but none of them have any actual objective evidence to back them up outside of fanciful religious superstitions, or New Age nonsense. People can pretty much “theorise” about whatever they want because there’s no way to prove them wrong.

The “ancient alien” theory is like the question of the existence of God. No one can prove it exists, and no one can prove it doesn’t exist because people will read into it whatever they want to believe. They don’t know how something happened, so of course it has to be aliens, or divine intervention or whatever story they prefer. Humans have never liked the unknown, so they will accept almost any explanation that caters to their own biases.