We (humans) are 3d beeings.We live,think and operate only on 3 dimensions.
We know there is a 4th dimension (time),but we can’t understand exactly what it is.
In 4th dimension you are jumping out of time,beeing everywhere.you can be on saturn and at zero time you can be on earth.in simple words when speed increase,time slows down (einstein).and if you reach the speed of light times stop.and you jump outside the 4th and into 5th.Now you are OMNIPRESENT…

But what happens after the 5th dimension?And how many are they??
i read there are infinite…If a being lives at 15th dimension,how can we describe it?it’s like a flu virus inside our cells,trying to understand what’s going on on moon’s surface.

i saw many times discussions about GOD and how god operates…
what if GOD is a being who needs 200 dimensions to describe him??
Is it possible for 3d minds to capture the idea of a 200th dimensional being??
NOT A CHANCE…at least that’s what i think so…

maybe the spirits we conjure on 3d are just shadows of a 4d beeing.

i would like to see any opinion about dimensions and what you think they are

I’ve had similar questions before. Carl Sagan discussed the life and experiences of a “Flat-lander” (a literary concept not unique to him). Flatlanders are 2D beings who would likely perceive 3D beings in the same way a doctor looks at slices of human tissue, one “frame” at a time.

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