Dimension jumping

I believe that there is billions of reality and paths,that our reality is one of those infinities of universes,and that it’s possible to shift dimension.
I stopped classical magick, as many times,I believe that I’ve jumped from a lot of dimension, not in dimension where friends or members of my family died or bigger things happened,but subtle things like people who came in my life, situation that I wanted who strangely happened.
I know that this things happen a lot since the day where I was looking at the tv news stoned,and wondering why the first minister of my country interviewed had a beard,where it’s not common…and to realize he wasn’t first minister anymore…and i feelt like I was in a little strange world because I was sure that it wasnt like that before.The same for somes events and trends,that appeared just like it was “normal”.
Not like derealization or imagination, more like ,“I know it wasn’t like that and I’m sure I wasn’t like that,how didn’t I realize it before?”
I started to think about it since I wanted to correlate what people call “dimensional jumping” and loa.
What is what we want already exist,and things aren’t coming in a literal way,we are just switching from world,a subtle switch.
Actually, the question that bother me is : if this is possible,the only way is to move your consciousness to an other dimension,so what happened to the previous you who were in “his” dimension, does he move to?
I’ve so many interrogation and I try to construct a logical approach to this theory,
If you have blog,forum that deal with it,pls share it (I already know reddit’s one)
Sorry for my english,