Digitally Remastered Sigils

Here’s a thread for the above captioned. It’s intended for anyone who has channeled a sigil, seal, gateway etc., and would like to have it digitized. Of course with my current workload I may not be able to provide a consistent service, but anyone who’s willing to, can do so here. Looking forward to building up a BALG database of sigils.

Happy Channeling


Sigil for studies was requested and was channeled by @Xag_darklight
See the original post here:

Remastered Sigil

Comments and Critiques are Welcomed!



Hell yes!
The synchronities are real 3 happened for 3 differed things
This one counts too
I used it again today

Aslo a thing that I found it’s it can influence your charscter and make literally not bored but super motivated at studying, give it a try


This sigil too
Its from belial, king paimon and horus
Its a protection sigil it worked really fast and it helped me to not get arrested, which I was blamed for a thing that I never did but I got my voice and truth with this sigil


PM me a close up photo of it… and I’ll see what I can do.

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hello could you explain to me how these sigils are used for the studies, are they by evocation or have to be activated and the stealth will act automatically, apologize for the bad English I am Spanish speaking and I am just beginning in magic