Digital journal for a spirit

I know that some of you are writing physical journals to be read by a particular spirit. That’s a great idea really. So I wondered if it was possible to write them a journal in digital format as I would like to write from my phone. Question is will the spirit be able to read it? How will it find it? And how can I make sure that only one specific spirit is able to read the journal? When you password protect a file does that block spirits? Sorry that’s a lot of questions but I’m really lost when it comes to spirit and the internet.


Yes, they seem able to read this forum, and comment to me (and other members) about things.

Inention, from you, that they should.

That seems to apply with all kinds of journals, I don’t know why you’d wish to block others but you could summon the spirit first and ask them to take care of what can be observed, mask it or whatever.

Probably not, the old forum requirted registration to read, I am assuming that the spirits din;t have their own little Hotmail & Googlemail accounts to register, and yet they were seeing that.

There are no experts! It’s a whole new field, we’re on the forefront here of something that hasn’t existed in recorded history… :smiley:


I use a lot of energy work techniques, so I create spheres of protection around whatever communication I want to protect. For example, I’ll add an anti-scrying and general privacy sphere around a message I want to keep private while focusing on my intention: “This communication is private between me and X. No person, spirit, force, power, or essence may see it, read it, or share it’s contents.”

Can I prove it works? Nope. But I do know other people have told me they’ve felt the energy coming off of my messages before.