Digging from old post search what does this mean

Did a search and an old post came up.

Most users don’t seem to ring a bell but that’s beside the point. What is meant by the phrase " Use a vinegar jar with some crossing materia. Add needles and red peppers especially. Shake it up or burn black candles on it." the crossing materials part. What is crossing materials?

Crossing is a common practice in rootwork/hoodoo/conjure. You use herbs and materials that curse/jinx/hex your target in the jar spell in order to cross someone.

Here’s some useful links about crossing;





Thank you- I am not at all experienced or familiar with said traditions/currents etc

I believe the person is talking about a witch bottle, or spell bottle. I don’t know about vinegar and needles with red peppers for crossing, though. Usually you would use vinegar and needles/broken glass/ metal shards/barbed wire et al to break up someone else’s offensive spell in a defensive bottle.

The pepper and needles can be used for crossing in much the same way as hotfoot powder.

Really just materials or substances with appropriate correspondences used in a crossing rite, usually heavy with projective things like fire, Saturn, Mars, etc. energies.


So much to learn.

Research herbs and items used for baneful workings and such. In one of my jars, I have vinegar, red pepper, and unground black peppercorns, along with the link. In one of my poppets, I used the same types of pepper, with a rusty old screw, and an old cigarette butt. I also annointed the insides of the poppet with an oil of peppers, which I personally made. These sorts of items are common crossing materials, and easy to obtain, which is why I use them frequently, but there are many others, as well.

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Do you feel a photo as an acceptable link when no other physical means is available? I mean let’s face it bitter enimies rarely have locks of each other’s hair. S Ben Qayin personally told me that a photo will do as “eyes are the window to the soul” ( I personally reached out to him regarding his article in Anthology 2) but some stupid shits seem to only post photos of themselves with sunglasses because there so badass and all. That said if no physical means are available how do you link a poppet?

You link a poppet by using defining features they have ergo scar on cheek, broken foot etc you put all you can think of about the person on it. And also their name and birthday if you have it.

That is how I make mine anyway.

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Are the materials used to make it of relevance? I’m familiar with the cursing video and that made of clay.

It’s up to you dolls/clay or even paper figures work that’s how I started E.A talks about them in “the night a (forgot rest) creeped into my room” or something along those lines

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The night a demon crept into my room. Yes I remember that one but the details escape me- just that it was the work of a so called Wiccan or white magician is all I remember. I’ll have to revisit that.

My poppet now, represents someone I can’t even get a photo of. So I wrote the full name on a piece of brown paper, and that is the link. So, yes you can use a photo, too, if you have one.

Another tip for poppets. I can’t sew worth a damn, so I staple mine together. I figure it will add a little more pain, lol.