Diffrences of Spirits Arrival

I just did a petition to Prince Sitri and how he came got me thinking, alot of “stronger” spirits come to me with the pure definition of power, but with him it was sort of just like a “wave” compared to the “Tsunamis” that others bring.

has anyone else had a instance like this? it might be that hes more passive then the others… but that defys his definition in older grimours i know spirits chose how they arrive and what not, but it just got m thinking has anyone else had a experience like this?

Im not sure if its what you mean but when i evoked King Paimon the first time it felt like my 2nd floor room had dropped, like when an elevator stops suddenly but alot stronger


Exactly I get that sort of feeling from him aswell

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Post regular updates. It will help us a lot

For me first impressions:
Lucifer: takes my breath away!
King Paimon: shakes my soul and body with drum roll!
Belial: BBQ me!
Azazel: makes me sleepy and in trance!
Lilith: lol I can’t even say this!
Asmoday: Hmmm! Friendly! Just like a friend visiting!
Bael: feels just like when my cat comes up to me :kissing_heart:
Orobas: the air stands still like before a storm!

:rofl: that’s all I got


They all feel very different to me. Prince Sitri specifically has an odd feeling. Subtle but slightly tantric.

I have noticed too, that the energy they give off is similar to the energy one would tap into in themselves for specific things. I noticed it when being mentored by Glasya- Labolas and President Marbus.


I forgot I made this post.

But with Papa Legba I don’t feel any different at all when I call him like to me at least he doesn’t give off a vibe

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