Difficult events

A long time ago I was sick and fucking tired of my brother honestly lol so I called lerajae to get him the hell away from me. Was not the smartest decision because fast forward now he’s moving out on his own in 58 days. Now I’m stuck with a hard decision to make lol.

  • leave my Sick parents and feel bad that I left them in the dust when I didn’t even have to go (my brother hopes I come with him). And risk the 99% chance of us two becoming homeless starting our lives over from square one.

  • stay with the rest of my family, now they have someone to help them out but I left my brother all alone in the streets sad that I didn’t go with him and I’d never see him again meaning I’d feel extremely guilty also leaving my unhealthy brother who is a pre diabetic and such on his own.

What do you guys suggest I do here because I’m not gonna run back to lerajae and be like “welllllll accctualllyyyy lerhajae…” lol because I don’t want to be disrespectful so now I feel like I’m left to make one of those as a decision. Either way I’m dealing with a downfall that’ll affect me mentally and physically no matter which one I choose.

Seems like this is a lesson considering I had this issue when doing rituals where I didn’t weigh out my options and circumstances :joy:again this petition with lerajae was a while ago and now it’s taking effect it seems. Not saying this is what I wanted. Well it was to an extent but this is another damn example that I didn’t think things through :joy:. I do thank lerajae either way though.

But now, I don’t know what to do😅

If you were in my scenario what would you do at this point magick or mundane.

Ps: my mom said she’d give my brother close to $2k and a van so yeah it’s easier for us both of vs walking around with a cardboard sign but still won’t be fun starving, being a pre diabetic and such homeless on the streets and he definitely is set on leaving. So I’m stuck here.

Plus like I said I’d just feel bad in general for leaving my parents. As well as if I chose to stay and watch my brother go away. But I suppose either way every bird has to fly away at some point. At the same time I feel if I did do this I’d benefit in the end since I can get rid of my money hole in my pocket issue and then start over. He’s also doing this because he said it’ll benefit him he says starting over will wake him up to reality and the real world. Which is potentially what I need myself too. But what about my sick parents is the thing😂


Ultimately, he’s not entirely your responsibility and he’s exercising his personal sovereignty in this decision.

Two months can be a long time. Come December, and with the cold hitting, he might just flip flop and reneg on this. :upside_down_face:

I’m just teasing with this, but:

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Yes but where I was coming from was he wants me to go with him and I do but I’d be sad about leaving the rest of my family

Stay home. Don’t do something stupid with your brother. Remember why you wanted him to leave.

Maybe you and the dude with the schizophrenic brother should be friends. :stuck_out_tongue: